Env. Groups to Rally Against Nuclear Power on Apr. 27|廢核行動平台提反核廢公投 4/27廢核遊行

Environmental groups will hold a rally on Apr. 27 to call for the abolition of nuclear power. Meanwhile, the National Nuclear Abolition Action Platform has submitted a referendum proposal to prohibit the government from building any more nuclear power plants or extend the lifespan of existing ones until a final disposal site for the highly radioactive nuclear waste is found.

Environmental groups prepare to deliver 2,800 signatures in support of their proposed referendum to the Central Election Commission. The referendum proposes a moratorium on the construction of nuclear power plants and the extension of existing ones until the final disposal site for highly radioactive waste is determined.

We should not be producing more waste until the disposal method is decided. This referendum is our responsibility to ourselves, to future generations, and to this piece of land called Taiwan.

The referendum was proposed by the National Nuclear Abolition Action Platform, and is intended to serve as a principle for the government when making important policies. The platform's spokesperson says the issue of nuclear waste is of great concern and the referendum is a way to help people understand the danger of nuclear waste. It is also a way to face this unresolvable problem head on.

One fuel rod can only generate electricity for five years. The electricity that we enjoy now generates waste that the next 3,000 generations will have to take care of. This violates generational justice and environmental justice.

In recent years, more and more people have become aware of the health dangers posed by air pollution generated by coal-fired power plants, resulting in debates about whether more electricity should be generated by nuclear power plants to improve the air quality. Many referendums related to nuclear energy have been proposed, and four have been delivered to the CEC. One submitted by nuclear energy proponents proposes that the proportion of nuclear power generation should not be lower than that of coal-fired power generation in 2030. There is also one on whether the fourth nuclear power plant should be recommissioned. Meanwhile, opponents of nuclear power are seeking for the site of the fourth nuclear power plant to produce renewable energy. The last one is this referendum on nuclear waste.


地球公民基金會副執行長 蔡中岳表示:「在還沒有找到垃圾處理方法之前,我們不要再製造更多的垃圾,這是對自己負責,對下一代負責,對台灣這塊土地負責的一個公投。」


廢核行動平台發言人 崔愫欣表示:「一束燃料棒,平均發電時間只有五年,我們這一代所享受的電,未來卻要三千多代的子孫,來共同來看顧這些核廢料,違反世代正義與環境正義。」


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