Paraglider Landed on Highway in Hualien by Accident|飛行傘誤降蘇花公路上 車輛放慢迴避

A paraglider accidentally landed amid the traffic on the Suao-Hualien Highway. Though the person landed without much harm, it was a scary moment for many who passed by.

Look up front. The paraglide is so big. And he's landing, why did he get stuck?

A large yellowish green paraglide landed directly on the Suao-Hualien Highway. The incident scared off many who happened to drive by at the moment. Fortunately the surprise landing didn't cause any accident, and the paraglider himself landed safely.

(The paraglider in question) was the friend of a paraglider who came from outside of Hualien. They weren't familiar with the local territory, and their course was altered by the sudden change of wind. He couldn't return to the predetermined spot and had to land elsewhere. It's no big deal since nobody was harmed.

The paragliding facility from which the paraglider took off is located in mountainous area north of Sanzhan River in Hualien County, which sits 700 meters above sea level. The owner said that the facility is well suited for paragliding and has attracted many paragliders all-year around. Though the incident took place only 30 meters away from the safe landing zone of the facility, it had become very dangerous. The owner said he will re-evaluate his safety procedures.

We will probably re-evaluate whether a paraglider is fit to take off from this facility. For those who aren't yet well trained, we'll ask them to practice first before taking off from our facility.

This isn't the first incident in Hualien County where a paraglider landed outside the dedicated area due to unexpected weather or wind. Hualien County currently has no regulations that governs the rules of paragliding, which is considered a sport. The county government can only provide guidance to the practitioners according to the sport's regulations. The paraglider was fined NT$ 300 according to the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act.



飛行傘場地總教練 陳彥男表示:「外地的朋友來這邊飛行,那帶著朋友來,因為場地比較不熟悉,而且剛剛風況稍微轉變,他來不及進場,所以被傘、被風壓下來之後,人員都安全降落了啦!沒事。」


飛行傘場地總教練 陳彥男表示:「我們以後可能會審慎評估,這個飛行員到底適不適合,來我們這邊飛,我們會這樣管理,有些他比較不熟悉的話,我們可能先請他練習一次,之後再來飛行。」