Keep Safety Distance at 3 M, Violators Fined NT$ 3,600|車輛路口轉彎未距離3米 最高罰3600元

In order to decrease pedestrian traffic accident at intersections, the Taipei Department of Transportation is currently cracking down drivers who do not give way to pedestrians at accident-prone intersections. Drivers now have to keep a distance of three meters away from pedestrians at intersections when turning, violators will have to face fines up to NT$ 3,600.

Standing at the intersection of Zhongxiao West road and Chong-Qing South Road early in the morning, a policeman is cracking down on violators. Since the start of this year, there have already been two traffic accidents where buses was turning right and did not give way to pedestrians. The violation had resulted in the deaths of two people. Starting from March 21st, cars that are turning right or left at intersections need to keep a distance of a car wide, about three meters away from the pedestrians. Drivers who fail to do so will be considered as "not giving way to pedestrians" and will be fined.

A lot of drivers may be confused about what is considered "not giving way to pedestrians." Therefore, we have established this traffic rule.

Taipei Department of Transportation (DOT) said there had been 777 traffic accidents involving pedestrians crossing the streets last year and resulted in 14 deaths, 928 people wounded. Furthermore, the death toll is rising in recent years, that's why the DOT is making the accident-prone intersections as the reinforcement priority. Also to increase the safety of bus turning, the DOT requires 15 bus operators within the district to complete driver's traffic safety training in one month. The driver also needs to turn on the buzzer when making a turn in order to alert passengers and pedestrians for their safety precaution.

When the bus arrives at the intersection and would be turning right, it needs to stop three meters away from the crosswalk. The drivers will use the left hand to gesture, making sure there's no one at the left. And then he/she will also use the right hand to gesture, making sure there's no one at the right. If there's no pedestrians on both sides, he/she can start driving.

DOT stressed before September of this year, all buses within the district will install radar alert system or driving field enhancer in order to decrease pedestrian traffic accidents. If violating the law, the motorbike will be fined NT$ 1200 to NT$ 1500, small vehicles will be fined NT$ 2,600 and large vehicles will be fined NT$ 3,600.


台北市交通局長 陳學台表示:「所謂不禮讓,什麼叫不禮讓?其實很多駕駛朋友可能不清楚,所以我們今天特別做這個律定取締的一個原則。」


大都會汽車客運副理 姚宏正表示:「到達路口要右轉前,在行穿線3公尺前,會先停車,然後左邊,左手比,左邊沒人,右手比,右邊沒人,確認兩邊都沒人的時候才開車。」