DPP Forms Primary Coordination Committee|總統大選黨內初選 民進黨5人小組協調

Former Premier William Lai has registered for the Democratic Progressive Party's presidential primaries. The DPP's Central Standing Committee formed a five-person coordination committee on the afternoon of Mar. 20. The members include DPP Chair Cho Jung-tai, Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan, Presidential Office Secretary-general Chen Chu, and others. After the registration deadline passes, Cho said the committee will have a coordination process to resolve possible negative effects created by competition.

Taiwan Series champion Lamigo Monkeys met with President Tsai Ing-wen at the Presidential Office on the 20th. Presidential Office Secretary-General Chen Chu and Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan were also on hand. During her speech, Tsai compared Cheng to the Monkeys, saying he won two consecutive mayoral elections. She also expressed hopes everything would go smoothly with the new baseball season, which opens this week.

We want to create the strongest national team to fight for Taiwan baseball's place at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Tsai also said she hopes Taiwan can send the strongest team possible to the Olympics and she hopes she can win two consecutive presidential elections as well. Former Premier William Lai shook things up this week when he registered for the Democratic Progressive Party's presidential primary. The party's Central Standing Committee has formed a five-person coordination task force. Apart from expressing support for Tsai, Cheng also said he would do everything he can on the coordination front.

The more difficult the moment, the more calm and united the party has to be. The party has to use its intelligence to resolve the potential negative impact from competition in the future.

On the 20th, Lai sought guidance at Chen Ding-Nan Memorial Park in Yilan. He later said if he is elected president, he would invoke Chen's spirit in governing the nation. As for legislators and party members choosing sides, Lai said he wants to set a good example during the primaries and party workers don't have to choose sides.

Truly, there was some degree of damage from all primaries in the past. However, we will use this opportunity to hold a model primary.

DPP Chair Cho Jung-tai, meanwhile, announced Tsai would depart for state visits to ROC allies in the South Pacific once registration for the primaries closes on the 21st.


總統 蔡英文表示:「我們要組織最強的國家隊,為台灣的棒球,全力來拚,為前進2020東京奧運備戰。」


桃園市長 鄭文燦表示:「越是困難的時刻,黨內越要冷靜,越要團結,越要能夠發揮這個智慧,來化解未來可能的這個競爭所帶來的負面效應。」


前行政院長 賴清德表示:「的確,過去的初選都造成某種程度的傷害,但是我們要就此利用這個機會,打造一場典範級的初選。」