Mayors of New Taipei and Taipei Talk Collaboration |侯友宜率團訪柯文哲 兩人閉門談20分鐘

Jake Chen
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On the morning of March 11, New Taipei Mayor Hou You-yi led a team to the Taipei City Government to meet with Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je. The two mayors talked behind closed doors for 20 minutes. They addressed a number of topics, including inter-city collaborations, and they agreed on starting the road construction in northern Tamsui district after phase 2 of the environmental evaluation is completed. The environmental bureaus of the two cities will also hold discussions in hope to bring the prices of garbage bags to an equal level.

Excuse me, excuse me. I wore this suit just to welcome you here.

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je showed up in grey suit, a rare attire for him. He said the formality is part of an effort to welcome visiting New Taipei Mayor Hou You-yi.

New Taipei Mayor Hou You-yi last month backed out of a planned meeting with Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je due to back injury. Despite speculations that the meeting might be canceled, Hou led a team to visit Ko on the morning of March 11. The two held a meeting behind closed doors for 20 minutes and reached agreements on a number of inter-city collaboration projects. Regarding the construction of the road in northern Tamsui District, Ko said he doesn't rule out the possibility of having Taipei City Government pay the cost in order to speed up the construction process.

We are not trying to pay the cost of construction on their behalf. However the cost is split between Taipei and New Taipei City, we'll proceed according to the plan.

Some have criticized that garbage bags cost more in New Taipei than in Taipei. Hou You-yi said that the two city governments have begun discussion on the matter and are looking to bring the prices to the same level as soon as on May 1.

The price of garbage bags is currently a bit higher in New Taipei. That's alright, the city government will pay for the difference. Starting May 1, garbage bags will cost the same across both cities.

The meeting has brought much attention to future collaborations between the two cities. Some among the media are also wondering if Ko will run for president in 2020. Ko kept a low profile and responded by saying he currently focuses on managing the tasks at hand.
台北市長 柯文哲表示:「這個不是幫他(新北市府)出錢,就是說工程費,反正由台北或新北的部分,按照工程計費,該怎麼出就怎麼出。」
新北市長 侯友宜表示:「我們新北市差的差額,沒關係 我們新北市府出錢補貼,從五月一號就開始,新北市的垃圾袋就降價 跟台北市一樣。」