Local Freehand Studio Helps with Stress Relief|"自由畫室"隨興塗鴉 提供紓壓新選擇

Stress relief has become an important element in the life of modern people. A local businessman has set up a freehand drawing studio which allows the participants to paint creatively. The teacher on site only gives pointers on techniques and doesn't get involved in the actual painting process. The studio has won popularity among the public.

The boy is focused on drawing the contour of a car, which is a subject that he himself has chosen. He has completed the pencil sketching and is now getting ready to fill it in with his colors of choice and will conclude the process by drying the canvas.

This makes me feel free. There's no one to watch over me or to tell me what to do. (No one tells me that) the colors have to be added gradually and how the lines must be straight in order to make the painting realistic.

The small drawing studio is filled with students. A drawing teacher is on site only to give pointers without getting involved in the actual drawing and creative process.

I don't affect how they express themselves creatively. I'm just here to teach them how to draw.

The studio is located at the famous Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf. The owner is a local from Tamsui, her son is a doctor abroad and he often goes to freehand drawing studios for stress relief. She was inspired by the idea and therefore set up her own studio. She has also worked with the Asia Illustration Society and launched a series of artistic products and exhibitions. The studio has also attracted a lot of incoming foreign visitors. The owner hopes that, in the future, the studio could be a symbol of local culture.