Film Director Doze Niu Charged with Sexual Assault|涉強制性交罪 導演鈕承澤被起訴

Last year, film director Doze Niu was accused of sexual assault by a female assistant. Niu subsequently argued that the two had a different understanding of the situation. However, prosecutors investigated and determined that there was sexual assault. Niu was charged on Feb 1.

At the end of last year, a woman working for film director Doze Niu as an assistant on a film set accused him of sexual assault. Prosecutors subpoenaed and questioned him, and then released him on NT$ 1.5 million bail. Niu said the two sides had a different understanding of the situation, but prosecutors were not convinced. They investigated and determined Niu had sexually assaulted the victim based on DNA evidence and the statements of the parties involved. On Feb. 1, Niu was charged with sexual assault.

The defendant did not admit to the crime nor did he recognize the harm he did to the victim following the offense. We asked the judge to consider these circumstances and issue the appropriate punishment.

The sexual assault occurred in November last year. The victim and other members of the cast and crew went to a party at Niu's residence. After everyone else left, leaving only Niu and the victim, Niu overpowered the victim and sexually assaulted her with his fingers. After the assault, Niu apologized to the victim over LINE and tried to pay her NT$ 600,000 to stay quiet. The victim rejected the apology and payment. She decided to file charges.

(Is there anything you want to say to her?) I hope she's good, I really like her, and I will continue to protect her.

During his interrogation, Niu only admitted to kissing and hugging the victim, saying he was drunk and he did not remember any other interaction. However, prosecutors examined the evidence and determined Niu was not being completely forthright. They therefore decided to charge him with sexual assault.

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