Controversies over Personnel Selection in Diplomatic Affairs|疑受趙怡翔事件影響 董思齊駐韓生變

Taiwan Think Tank International Affairs Manager Doong Sy-chi was originally appointed deputy representative at Taipei's economic and trade office in South Korea, but the personnel order was rescinded shortly after it was announced. Observers believe this was the result of the controversy over Vincent Chao's appointment to Washington DC. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it was decided considering all factors, but pan-blue legislators say the issuance and then cancellation of a personnel order is extremely unprofessional to international affairs.

Everyone has their own theory on what happens to the president of South Korea. Some people think it's a fengshui problem, that the South Korean presidential office has fengshui problems.

Taiwan Think Tank International Affairs Manager Doong Sy-chi holds a PhD in political science from National Taiwan University and is an expert in Northeast Asian security and diplomatic strategy. Just hours after the Presidential Office announced his appointment as deputy representative to South Korea, the announcement was rescinded. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it made the decision after taking all things into account and talking to Doong.

It was extremely disrespectful to South Korea to announce the appointment and then rescind it. At the same time, this clearly demonstrates the Democratic Progressive Party's "miller, son and donkey" approach to diplomatic appointments.

You've already sent someone overseas. You want to look at their performance. If you're now going to rescind it, this is administrative discretion. I too think there's nothing wrong with that, but what are your considerations right now? I think you have to face the controversy and explain yourself.

Many observers believe this is the result of backlash over the appointment of Vincent Chao to the top political post at Taipei's representative office in Washington, which is widely seen as Democratic Progressive Party cronyism. Apart from saying everyone has their own considerations, Doong has remained mum. The ministry is dealing with controversies at other rep offices as well. It is in the process of replacing its deputy representative in Japan, but chief representative Frank Hsieh's inability to negotiate with Japan has thrown a wrench into the works. Hsieh has also been widely criticized for his role in the suicide of Su Chii-cherng, the former head of Taipei's Osaka office. In an irate Facebook post, Hsieh blasted the public for wanting him to step down and asked how good they feel about themselves criticizing Taiwan's diplomats. He also denounced fake news. Pan-blue lawmakers are calling for Hsieh to return to Taiwan to brief the legislature on his role in all these controversies after the Chinese New Year holiday.