Standing in Line as a Business; Price is Rising During Holidays|蛋捲名店年前大排長龍 多"代排打工族"

There are long lines outside the entrance of FuYiShan, a famous bakery store in Chiayi County. It was later found out that many in the lineup was buying for others. Those who stand in line earn NT$20 to 30 per purchase, and the rate goes up to NT$ 50 and more around holiday season. The large number of those who stand in line often affect the traffic and environment outside the shop. Local public has asked the government to step in to ban such action.

Before the store even opens in the morning, the lineup has crowded the entrance. Many are rushing to get in front of the store in hopes to get a number ticket.

They are just lining up for now. (Just lining up?) We will start to give out number ticket at 8:40 a.m., and we only started the line at 8:20 a.m.. (Those who stand in line for others) showed up a lot earlier.

Outside the entrance of FuYiShan, a famous local bakery store in Chiayi County, many standing in line are there to purchase for others. Baked goods are hot items as gifts during holiday seasons, and those who stand in line for others are making more than before. Some residents in the area has posted footage of long lineup on the Facebook and complained about it disrupting local traffic and environment. The residents said they hope the bakery store would regulate the situation.

It was going fine just now, but why is everyone forcing their way to the middle? Are they worried that they might not get a numbered ticket?

There are many who are here to buy a bag or two, and they'd make about NT$ 20 to 30. That's the going rate? Yes. What about the rate during holiday season? Now, they make more than NT$ 100, some have made NT$ 130. Like today, (January 21), they've made NT$ 130. Would the rate continue to grow? Yes, it will keep hiking. Those who stand in line for others make about NT$ 65 per purchase now.

Those who stand in line said that, due to the limited edition products that the bakery shop offers, the fee for standing in line is getting higher and higher. They said they make at least NT$ 50 per purchase. Therefore the lineup outside the shops are getting longer and longer. The local police precinct receives complaint every day. The police said they will proceed to ban the act of standing in line for profit once they receive tips on it, and they have dispatched officers to patrol the area. The police said they will also ban the act of standing in line if it starts to affect the flow of traffic.