Taitung's Virtual Currency Initiative a Success|台東虛擬金幣可購農特產 折抵停車費

Kaohsiung City is planning to launch its own virtual coins. In fact, the Taitung County Government became the first municipality in Taiwan to launch its own virtual currency two years ago. The county government also has a smartphone app that paid county residents in virtual currency if they entered the system and filled out surveys or questionnaires. The currency can also be used to get a discount on agricultural specialties, local tours and hotels, and discounts on parking fees. So far, the app has 50,000 users and over 200 participating stores.

Parking enforcement workers leave pay slips on cars. Starting this year, Taitung residents can use the county's official TTPush app to pay their parking fees with virtual currency. The app, which is locked to individual license plates, is convenient for users while saving the county time and money.

TTCoins can be used to pay for parking. It's very convenient.

We save at least NT$ 4 million in costs. You also save in paper costs for bills.

The virtual currency can also be used to get discounts at over 200 businesses around the county, including stores and hotels. Last year's single-day redemption record was NT$ 200,000.

We get four or five customers per hour coming in to redeem coins.

Taitung launched the app and currency two years ago. Residents earn between 10 and 10,000 coins in virtual currency for correct answers on public policy quizzes in the app. Ten coins can be redeemed for NT$ 1. The initiative is funded with the promotional and public awareness budgets of various government agencies. Membership increased from 30,000 to over 50,000 last year. Taitung's virtual currency will also be usable in Lienchiang County and Kaohsiung City and vice versa in the future.

We can use blockchains to integrate everything.

The county says it will also launch a "virtual Taitung County resident" program this year so people in other municipalities or even countries can earn Taitung coins. It has set a goal of 120,000 members.