Taichung Police Find Illegal Workers, Overstaying Indonesians|台中警攔查違規車輛 再查獲逃逸移工2人

The police were ordered to strengthen inspections after a group of Vietnamese tourists absconded en masse at the end of last year. On Jan. 7, police officers in Taichung stopped a vehicle that had run a red light. They discovered four Indonesian nationals in the backseat. Two were found to be absconded migrant workers, and the other two had overstayed their visas. The police and the National Immigration Agency have launched an investigation.

I thought there were only two people. There are four people in the back.

In the early hours of Jan. 7, police officers in Taichung stopped a vehicle that had run a red light near Taichung Industrial Park. They found four foreigners sitting in the backseat. All of them were brought to a police station because the police could not communicate with them and none of them had their residence permits or passports on them.

Do you have an ARC? A resident certificate?

During our investigation, we discovered two of the four were absconded migrant workers. The other two had overstayed their visas.

According to the police, two of the four people in the backseat were absconded Indonesian migrant workers. The other two were Indonesian nationals who entered Taiwan on tourist visas last year and then overstayed. The four were not employed at the industrial park. Instead, they were working temporary jobs at orchards. The four were handed over to the National Immigration Agency.

Due to the Kuan Hung program, we have stepped up patrols of areas inside our jurisdiction and the industrial park where people tend to gather, such as eateries and some factories.

At the end of last year, 152 Vietnamese tourists entered Taiwan and absconded en masse. The police were tasked with locating them. As Taichung Industrial Park has many factories that employ foreign laborers, inspections were stepped up. The police say that under the Employment Service Act, employers that employ workers with expired working permits can be fined up to NT$ 750,000. If they do this a second time within the next five years, they will be given a maximum three-year prison sentence or be fined NT$ 1.2 million.

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