Tsai Brings Su Tseng-chang Back as Premier|總統記者會 宣布蘇貞昌回鍋任行政院長

Following Premier William Lai's resignation, President Tsai Ing-wen immediately held a press conference at the Presidential Office to announce the new premier would be former Premier Su Tseng-chang. Su will soon start meeting with potential new members of his Cabinet.

I have decided to invite Premier Su Tseng-chang to accept the post of premier. Premier Su has three strengths. All of them completely conform to the needs of Taiwan in its current stage. The first is experience. The second is guts. The third is execution capability. The Taiwan of right now needs an experienced premier and it also needs a premier with guts.

Thank you, President Tsai, for giving me this opportunity, and your trust and support. That time -- I will lead the team in rolling up our sleeves and responding to public concerns. I will definitely make sure this team has achievements to show and lives up to its responsibilities to the Taiwanese people and their lifelong convictions.