Will Step Down When Time is Right: Premier Lai|選後檢討結果 賴揆:時間一到會堅定離開

Premier William Lai asked to resign from his position after the massive defeat of the party in the recent elections, but he was convinced to stay on by President Tsai Ing-wen. However, there has been a lot of voices asking him to resign. In a recent press conference, Lai said that he will review the result of the local elections and stressed that, he will shoulder the responsibility, and when the time is right, step down from office, and deliver on his promises. Lai said that for the time being, he will still be leading the cabinet members in handling their daily tasks.

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) suffered major setback in the recently concluded local elections and lost control over a number of cities and counties. Premier William Lai was asked by President Tsai Ing-wen to stay on his post despite him asking to resign. Lai recently held a press conference to explain the outcome of the elections. He addressed the speculations on his future and the criticism on him and the cabinet members, saying that he will shoulder the responsibility and step down from his post when the time is right.

I would like to tell everyone that when the time is right, I will resolutely step down from my post, deliver on my promise and shoulder the possibility.

Lai said that he is staying to stabilize the situation, and to ensure that all the budget proposals are processed smoothly by the Legislative Yuan. He also acknowledged that the administration has failed to tackle the challenges facing Taiwan's public in the past two years, and the economic performance has been truly disappointing. Lai stressed that he and his cabinet members will work as hard as possible to rectify the issues before he steps down.

I don't mind ruining my reputation, I only care about the big picture. All I do is for the good of Taiwan. Only after I leave can the President totally overhaul the administration and break new grounds.

Asked about whether he will leave after the conclusion of the current session at the Legislative Yuan, Lai did not respond. Asked whether he plans to run for president in 2020, Lai said that both he and President Tsai are from the DPP, and they both care about maintaining Taiwan's sovereignty. He said it takes everyone to achieve that goal. Lai's refusal to clarify his goal in 2020 has left much room for speculation.