Sex Offenders Tend to Use Power Against Victims: Women's Groups|婦團:多數被害人 權力不對等下受害者

Film director Doze Niu's sexual assault scandal has brought up more issues. In the past few years, the awakening of female consciousness has led to more and more women who come out and reveal acts of harassment or sexual assault. However, according to the statistics from Modern Women's Foundation on the sexual assault cases, around 20 percent took place between parties of unequal power.

In 2013, during the making of his film "Paradise in Service", director Doze Niu brought a Chinese cinematographer on a warship without the approval from the R.O.C. military. His illegal act led to a jail sentence of 5 months and 2 years in probation. He is currently involved in a sexual harassment accusation. The case is under investigation. In recent years, the awakening of the female consciousness has led to more women revealing their suffering in sexual assault. In Hollywood, the #MeToo movement has led to many actresses to voice their opposition against sexual harassment or assault. Some women's groups have pointed out that most victims were preyed upon by offenders of more powerful positions.

Offenders in sexual assault cases often take advantage of the victims when they have the chance to educate, foster, or take care of them. This type of assault tend to happen between two parties of unequal power.

According to the statistics of the Modern Women's Foundation, in the last three years, out of the 761 sexual assault cases of which the victims they counseled, 127 cases took place between parties of unequal power, accounting for around 20 percent of the total cases. However, in only 38 of the cases were the offenders convicted. The foundation believes that the issues occurred in similar circumstances tend to get ignored.

If an offender has the power to influence the victim's life and job prospect, and if the information is missed in the trial process, then the offender's behavior could easily be mistaken as permitted. Whereas the nature of the case is that one person in power forces it onto another person in lesser power.

Some members of the Control Yuan have suspected that the court has a tendency to give light sentences to sex offenders, and the conviction rate tends to be lower, and have begun investigation. The recent sexual assault accusation of Doze Niu has once again brought the issue of women's protection to public attention.