I'm Sentenced to Death by Public: Doze Niu|鈕承澤:司法以外被公審 我已被判死刑

Taiwanese film director Doze Niu was accused by a female production crew member of sexual assault. Niu did not make a public appearance on the day the news broke out. On Dec. 7 morning around 8:30, he went to the Daan Precinct of Taipei City Police Department to go on record and explain the situation. He left the precinct at around 11 o'clock am.

The legal process has begun, and we will cooperate and wait for the outcome. We expect a fair trial. However, outside the judicial system, a public trial is already in motion and I've been sentenced to death in that trial. Doze Niu is dead.

Doze Niu left after he made a bow. During the production of his new movie "Horse Racing", Niu invited a crew member to his home, and he was later on accused of sexual assault. The victim reported the case to the Women's and Children's Protection Division on December 5, and provided an injury diagnosis certificate. On Dec. 7 morning, at around 8:30, Niu reported to the police and entered through the front door, face media attention and public scrutiny openly.