Japanese Man Gives Explanation for Kicking Comfort Woman Statue|日人欲踢慰安婦銅像 統促黨到日台協會潑漆

Protests also took place outside the de facto Japanese embassy in Taipei, with some politicians even splattering paint on the exterior of the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association after a Japanese right wing group member apparently kicked a 'comfort woman' statue, administrator of the Alliance for Truth about Comfort Women Mitsuhiko Fujii denied any wrongdoings, saying he was just stretching his legs.

Recently, a video emerged of Mitsuhiko Fujii, an, apparently kicking a comfort woman statue located in Tainan. Fujii has already left Taiwan, but the controversy continues to simmer. On Sept. 10, Fujii issued a five-point statement on Facebook. His first point was that he did not kick the statue, and he accused Kuomintang Tainan City Councilor Hsieh Lung-chieh of doctoring the images in order to attack the Democratic Progressive Party. He added he donated money after the 2018 Hualien earthquake, and explained he had some circulation problems while traveling from Japan to Tainan and he was merely stretching his leg after his foot fell asleep. Fujii has also lodged a protest.

I would like him to take a plane to Taiwan and make a public explanation. I'll pay for his flight. Let's see what type of medications he uses, why his foot was asleep. I have something here in Taiwan that can promote circulation, I can give him a bottle.

Hsieh added everyone can clearly see what occurred in the video and it was not doctored at all. Hsieh is also considering filing a lawsuit against Fujii. The Alliance for Truth about Comfort Women is a Japanese right wing civil group that exists to defend Japan's reputation on the issue of comfort women. A delegation recently traveled to Taiwan to present an open letter. Following this incident, members of the Unionist Party threw paint at the headquarters of the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association and scuffled with security personnel. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges everyone to engage in peaceful and rational dialogue, and says it will continue to communicate with Japan over the issue of comfort women.

The government's fight to ensure the rights and dignity of comfort women has not changed. We also urge Japan to face this issue head on. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will hold discussions with relevant agencies in accordance with the results of the investigation. We will handle this in accordance with the law and we will not condone this.

Women's groups have called on President Tsai Ing-wen to declare her position on this issue. However, only the National Immigration Agency has said anything. It said facts are still being clarified. If the kicking incident did occur, it will be dealt with administratively. It added it does not tolerate foreigners in Taiwan engaging in actions that jeopardize Taiwan's interests and public order, and it will prohibit Fujii from entering the country if he is found guilty or discuss declaring him a persona non grata with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.