NTU President Selection Mess Still Unresolved|葉俊榮見陳維昭 台大校長人事有解?

The National Taiwan University president selection case remains unresolved to this day. The new Education Minister Yeh Jiunn-rong said, while being interviewed, that the government gives decision-making space and isn't specifically trying to get rid of or support Kuan Chung-ming. He also said, that he has already met with the convener of NTU's president selection committee, and hopes there can be a structural solution within two months.

Yeh Jiunn-rong has offered his thoughts on the National Taiwan University president selection controversy many times since becoming education minister on the 16th. During a recent interview, Yeh said there cannot be a "decisive" decision in the case. Instead, Yeh said, there needs to be a "certain level of communication" and the government is giving him "decision-making space."

The premier and the president are giving me decision-making space. They say with my academic and legal background, I can understand the legal intricacies of the entire process and most importantly know how to handle the case from an administrative standpoint.

Yeh has already met with the head of NTU's president selection committee. He says restarting the selection process and dealing with the administrative suit will take a lot of time, and he will therefore create a platform to pave the way for a "goodwill" resolution and negotiation mechanisms.

Nothing is black and white. You have to stay true to and hold on to your beliefs and let nothing get in your way. (Everyone needs to) work together to solve this problem. We can't get stuck on the idea of starting the selection process over. Only in this way can we truly open our hearts and bring to bear the possibilities of all types of system design.

Asked if his predecessor's decision could be overturned and the committee's chosen candidate for NTU president, Kuan Chung-ming, could still assume the post, Yeh would only say he would keep procedure in mind. President Tsai Ing-wen has also commented on the issue, saying the Ministry of Education has jurisdiction and she hopes Yeh can reach a consensus with everyone involved and resolve the case as soon as possible.

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