A-mei, JJ Lin Dominate GMA Nominations|金曲獎入圍名單 張惠妹.林俊傑大贏家

The list of nominees for the 29th Golden Melody Awards has been announced, with A-mei and JJ Lin being the best performing artists. Both received six nominations while Stephanie Sun was considered the biggest snub

Last year, singer A-mei released a new album, "Story Thief." The songs expressed all types of emotions through an understated style.

JJ Lin's "Message in a Bottle" was also released at the end of last year. This album focused on "truth." Both of these albums received six nominations for the 2018 Golden Melody Awards. In the Best Male Vocalist Mandarin category, the nominees were Eason Chan, JJ Lin, Haor and two others. Meanwhile, Lala Hsu, A-mei, Julia Peng and two others will vie for the Best Female Vocalist Mandarin Award. Stefanie Sun and A-Lin missed out by a very small margin.

Several rounds of voting took place (for the Best Female Vocalist Mandarin Award) before these nominees emerged. Stefanie Sun did not make the list of finalists by a small margin. Some other singers weren't nominated despite support from certain judges. She is of course not the only one.

The Special Contribution Award was awarded to '80s pop singer and multiple Golden Melody Award winner Su Rui and the late bass guitarist Joy Kuo, who was Gillian Chung's teacher.

During the 1980s, Ms. Su Rui brought Taiwan's pop music to a new realm with her unique vocal style. Meanwhile, (Joy Kuo) was recognized for his lifelong contribution to the music world.

The Jury Award will not be handed out this year, as no work achieved the required two-thirds threshold from the judges. A total of 19,539 works were considered for this year's awards. The 29th Golden Melody Awards will take place on June 23.

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