Anti-Pension Reform Groups Continue With Protests|反年改流血衝突 共57人依法送辦

Several scuffles broke out during a protest organized by anti-pension reform groups, including 800 Heroes, outside the legislature. The Taipei City Police Department says nine people are under investigation for obstructing government administration and causing physical harm, and another 48 are believed to have violated the Social Order Maintenance Act. On Apr. 26, anti-pension reform groups have decided to discontinued with their protest, after the more orderly protest in the morning, but said they will come back in the near future.

At 5:30 a.m. on Apr. 26, a person who appeared to be drunk got into an argument with the media and splashed journalists with urine in a plastic bottle. The person was immediately surrounded by police. This scene occurred outside the legislature, where anti-pension reform groups were gathering for a protest. These groups said this man did not belong to any of their groups.

We apologize to the police for the incident that occurred today. From now on, we will do our best to maintain order. We hope everyone can be rational, and respectful of police officers.

The previous day, anti-pension reform protesters had attempted to break into the legislature. Following this incident, Wu Sz-huai, the deputy convener of anti-pension reform group 800 Heroes, made a public apology and admitted things had gotten out of control. He promised to maintain order within his group. On Apr. 26, 800 Heroes members retreated to the slow lane outside the legislature and continued their protest there. Over 200 police officers were deployed along Linsen South Road and Jinan Road. They formed human barricades and erected barricades to prevent the protesters from approaching the legislature. Numerous lawmakers entered the Legislative Yuan under police protection.

(What are your thoughts on this deployment to maintain public order?) This is my first time experiencing this. (Are you worried at all?) I worry about them.

This society cannot accept attacks on journalists and occupations of children's hospitals.

They're attacking police officers, they're attacking our friends in the media. This is outrageous.

The situation outside the legislature remained tense. Many veterans also came to the scene to chant slogans and express their support for 800 Heroes. The Taipei City Police Department says nine people involved in the Apr. 25 protest are under investigation for obstructing government administration and causing bodily harm, and 48 others are being investigated for violating the Social Order Maintenance Act.