Taiwan Has Preconditions For WHA Participation: Wu|是否拿到WHA邀請函 吳釗燮坦言不樂觀

At the legislature, Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Wu spoke about the upcoming World Health Assembly. Wu said the current priority is still to get Health Minister Chen Shih-chung an invitation. But foreign intelligence seems to show that the WHA sides with China and will probably not invite Taiwan.

The 71st World Health Assembly will open in Geneva on May 21. Taiwan was not invited last year and Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Wu does not expect an invite this year either.

With regards to whether [Taiwan] can get an invitation this year -- this issue is definitely not something we are optimistic about. Nevertheless, under these circumstances, we will still do everything we can and use every method possible in the hopes that Taiwan can get an invitation and attend the World Health Assembly.

Wu said the World Health Organization favors China but Taiwan has asked its diplomatic allies for support. Wu also said eight countries including the U.S. and Japan previously voiced support for Taiwan and there have also been requests for Taiwan to participate in the WHA as an observer. Lawmakers, meanwhile, asked Wu point blank if Taiwan is doing anything different this year.

Will you be doing anything differently? Your diplomatic efforts yielded the same results last year.) I think support for us has strengthened this year. Also, other countries are doing more to help us. So, things could be seen this year. (We will be seeing results?) You will see more results.

Although Taiwan is unlikely to get a WHA invitation this year, Wu asserts that Taiwan has important preconditions for attending. These include attending as its own entity and not a PRC territory. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, meanwhile, has been busy releasing international propaganda promoting Taiwan's medical capabilities and contributions. It hopes the propaganda will make the WHO recognize the necessity of Taiwan's presence at the WHA.