JKO Pay Customer Loses Account Access After Changing Phone Number|只認門號不認人 "街口支付"被投訴

A consumer has lodged a complaint with a Taipei City councilor against mobile payment service JKO Pay. She said that if you change your phone number, you can no longer log in to your account. This means the service only recognizes phone numbers and not customers. If you change numbers, all funds and currency stored in the service can no longer be accessed. Many consumers like the convenience of mobile payment services. However, a consumer recently changed her phone number and lost access to her JKO Pay account and all of the funds and points stored within. I can't find the option to log into my JKO Pay account using my new phone number. Can you help me? The JKO Pay app currently does not support phone number changes. This function will not be officially available until June. JKO Pay's customer service is telling the consumer that it will take time to update their system and the problem won't be resolved before June. Meanwhile, if the telecom gives the customer's old phone number to someone else and that someone opens a JKO Pay account, he may be able to access all of the original customer's bank and account information. When you get the confirmation code that is texted to you, you can log in to the JKO Pay account using your phone number and access all of their account information. JKO Pay got its operating permit in January and launched the service with various marketing incentives the following month. A consumer protection official says the case will be sent to the Financial Supervisory Commission and it will help consumers with damages and compensation.