As Typhoon Nesat was approaching, wind and rain were getting stronger. A climbing team of 22 members rushed to come down the mountains before the typhoon made its landfall, but a member accidentally died from falling into the gorge. The helicopter landed safely in the heavy rain, and the body on board was the climber surnamed Huang who fell into the ravine at around 7 a.m. on July 29. ==CHU CHE-MING Captain, Hualien County Fire Department== Mountain trails are very narrow and their paths are unclear, together with pouring weather and slippery road, so rescue workers have to carry the body with care before the typhoon approaches. On July 22, Mr. Huang and 21 other members entered the mountains to climb the east peak of Qilai Mountain. They were scheduled to leave Shueiyuandi's Sapodang on July 29. However, it was suspected that heavy rain and slippery road caused Mr. Huang to fall into the ravine. The rescue efforts were hindered due to poor weather conditions and a helicopter was scrambled to recover the body. Mr. Huang was not listed as casualties caused by the typhoon as there was no wind or rain when the accident happened. Both Yushan and Shei-pa National Parks announced closure of the mountain and have evacuated a total of 160 climbing teams with nearly 700 people. However, a team of 4 walking on another trail didn't come down the mountains in time. The Yushan National Park Administration said it had asked the team to head for the cabin for shelter. ==LU SHIH-CHE Dep. Capt., 5th Div., 7th Special Corps, Natl. Police Agency== They have reached Cuei Pond. There is Cuei Pond Cabin and Qilai Cabin. Hiking on this trail is relatively safer. Mountain areas are prone to collapse and accidents due to rainfall, so National Parks have to carry out precautionary evacuations. Disaster-prone areas in Yilan, Hualien and Taitung, together with mountainous areas in Kaohsiung and Pingtung which are expected to see rainfall of 900 mm, carried out precautionary evacuations in the daytime. ==KAO KUO-KUANG Chief of Village, Laiyi Village, Pingtung== Our shelter in Laiyi Village is to be open at 2 p.m. today. ==HU TSAI-HSING Board Director, Red Leaves Comm. Development Ass., Taitung== Our main concern is the rainfall, which is expected to reach 600 mm. If it exceeds 200 mm, we'll be in danger. Nesat was moving north and all Taiwan areas would be affected from the evening of July 29 to daytime of July 30. Having learned from the painful lessons in the past, the local governments tried to minimize the damage by carrying out evacuations and making preparations. TRANSLATED BY:BRYANT CHANG 尼莎颱風來襲,各地風雨越來越大,花蓮一支22人登山隊伍,趕在颱風登陸前下山,卻發生隊員不慎墜谷身亡的意外,因為案發時,花蓮尚無風雨,不列入颱風傷亡數字;而玉山和雪霸國家公園,也勸導登山隊及早下山;由於花東高屏等地的山區總雨量驚人,警消已經進行預防性撤離。 ==Ns==(救難直升機降落) 大風雨中 ,直升機總算順利降落,但載運出來的,卻是早上七點多,不幸墜落山谷,已無生命跡象的黃姓山友。 ==花蓮消防局第一大隊隊長 朱哲民== 山上山徑都很小 而且路徑不明 加上天雨溼滑 那個救難人員 都必須要小心的搬運 趕在颱風來之前 將他搬運下來 黃姓山友是上週六,和其他21人入山進行奇萊山縱走,原訂今天出水源砂婆噹,但疑似山區大雨、路面溼滑,掉下山谷,搜救人員出動搜救,受限天雨路滑,一度受阻,只好出動救難直升機,將大體吊掛下山,由於事發時花蓮沒有風雨,不列入颱風傷亡數字 ==ns==拉封鎖線 而玉山和雪霸國家公園,也公告封山,總共撤離160支登山隊近七百人,不過在走馬博橫線,有一支隊伍四個人,來不及下山,玉管處說,已請他們緊急前往山屋避難。 ==保七第五大隊副隊長 盧世哲== 他們已經到翠池了 翠池上面 有翠池山屋 上面還有山屋 再下來就有奇萊山屋 這條線呢 應該會相對的 也是比較安全的 山區降雨易坍方,造成意外,國家公園必須預防性驅離,而宜花東易生災害的區域,以及雨量預估上看900毫米的高屏山區,也紛紛在白天進行預防性撤離。 ==屏東縣來義村村長 高國光== 我們來義鄉的收容所 在今天下午2點就會開設 ==台東縣紅葉社區發展協會理事長 胡再興== 現在怕的是雨量 預估大概是六百毫米 假如說真的超過 我們這邊超過兩百 我們就危險了 尼莎路徑偏北,從今天夜間到明天白天,全台都受影響,差別只在程度,也因為以前的慘痛教訓,各地方政府進行撤離、驅離和防備,就是要將損害降到最低。 記者 綜合報導。

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