The latest update in Typhoon Nesat: Yesterday the CWB announced a marine typhoon warning and at 8:30 pm last night the tropical storm became a moderate typhoon. The storm system is expected to touch the east coast and the whole of the island will come under the weather system. As rainfall will be up to heavy and torrential rain levels, many local farmers are worried about impending agricultural losses, and yesterday were busy preparing to harvest to defend their crops to reduce the damage and losses. Hualien and Taitung will be affected most strongly by the typhoon Nesat. Pomelo growers in Hualien are worried and are bracing the branches of their trees, hoping to avoid too much damage. ==POMELO FARMER Hualien== The typhoon is coming there is nothing we can do about the wind and rain, we will take whatever seems like good preventative measures. Taitung farmers don't want to take any chances and some are taking in the harvest now and while others use netting to cover over the still-growing custard apples and dragon fruits, afraid that the heavy rain will wash away the young fruit. ==DRAGON FRUIT FARMER Taitung== This bag cuts off water, bugs and plant viruses so it is very protective, let's see if it can protect against the typhoon. As the typhoon moves closer Hualien and Taitung BnBs have been impacted and over the past few days the number of guests have fallen to half. ==BNB OWNER Taitung== Originally we were all booked out for today but a few days ago they started to cancel until now we are only half full. Worried about the typhoon, sea transport has halted and yesterday morning eight ferries plied back and forth to Green Island bringing 2,000 visitors back to Taiwan. ==VISITOR returning from Green Island== Originally we were going to stay for 2 days, but as it seemed like they said we should evacuate, so we came back early, so its a pity, hope we can come again. Due to safety considerations after noon on Saturday, flights to Green Island will halt for two days. Many travelers suspect that the Su Hua highway will be closed due to weather conditions and so drove back north from Hualien early, creating a wave of traffic on Friday afternoon. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 尼莎颱風來襲,花東地區首當其衝,有不少農民擔心農業損失,一早就忙著做防颱準備,加強果樹枝幹及套袋保護,降低農損。隨著颱風逼近,也衝擊花東觀光民宿業者,民宿住房率、幾乎掉了一半,綠島上午已有八班客輪往返,載送兩千多名遊客返台。 颱風來襲前,北市勞動局長賴香伶帶著勞檢員,下午特地到建築工地進行勞檢,看看外牆鷹架等防颱設施是否準備好,鷹架上的帆布也要確實捲起來,以免風速太大,導致鷹架倒塌、造成危險。 ==北市勞動局勞動檢查處長 江明志== 如果帆布沒有把它收起來的話 可能會造成風壓過大的問題 那我們都知道在前一兩年 都有曾經發生過 因為風壓過大的關係呢 導致整個施工架倒塌下來 甚至是壓到路邊的行人 工地需要做防颱準備,不少農民也憂心造成嚴重災情,尤其這次尼莎颱風來襲,花東地區首當其衝,花蓮種柚子的農民忙著加強柚子樹的支架,希望能減少損失。 ==花蓮柚農== 颱風要來 颱風要來我們也是沒有辦法 有什麼好的措施啦 還是在賭啦 還是在賭它一把啦 在台東的農民也不敢大意,有農民趕緊搶收,也有人趁颱風來襲前,把還沒成熟的釋迦、火龍果等果實,通通先用網子套袋保護,就怕大雨造成落果。 ==台東火龍果農== 這個是防水防蟲防菌的袋子 做一個相對的保護 看能不能度過這個颱風 隨著颱風步步逼近,花東的觀光民宿業者也受到衝擊,這幾天天民宿住房率、幾乎降了一半。 ==台東民宿業者== 今天本來都是滿房 滿房之後 前幾天直到今天一直在退房 退房一直到 幾乎已經變五成在住了 由於擔心颱風來襲,海空交通中斷,綠島上午已有八班客輪往返,載送兩千多名遊客返台。 ==綠島返台遊客== 本來我們是住兩天的 因為好像說要撤離了 所以就提早回來 所以有點遺憾啦 對呀 下次再來 為了考量安全,週五中午過後,綠島航線將停駛兩天,台東到蘭嶼、屏東後壁湖到蘭嶼,也是暫定停航兩天;此外有不少遊客預期蘇花公路將因風雨過大封路,有不少遊客提前開車返回台北,下午已出現北返車潮。 記者 綜合報導

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