Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike's First Part won a sweeping victory in a recent Tokyo election. Many elected candidates, were students of Koike's private political school. Now the school is recruiting again. In October 2016, Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike launched a private political school Kibo no Juku, also known as "the school of hope". In just 6 months, the school held examinations to screen students hoping to run for the metropolitan assembly in the summer. A list of candidates from the school joined Yuriko Koike's Tomin First party, which scored sweeping victory in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election, dethroning the Liberal Democratic Party. ==YURIKO KOIKE Tokyo Governor== "Politics is an isolated world." "It has nothing to do with us." The school of hope is the place for those who like exactly that way. The ones who believes that they can also run. In fact, a few of our students have been elected in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election. Riding a wave of success, Yuriko Koike plans to cultivate more political talents through the school of hope and together focus on local elections and issues such as education, child care support and disaster preparation in case of an earthquake in Tokyo.Yuriko Koike made headlines again when she officially offered her resignation to the ruling Liberal Democratic Party to take the helm of her fledgling party, Tomin First no Kai, right before the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly elections. This summer, Tomin First won a historic victory and established itself as the biggest party in the assembly. Instead, the approval rating for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe fell to 29.9 % this month, following a series of scandals that have placed his office in the spotlight. ==SHINZO ABE Japanese Prime Minister== It was a severe judgment suggesting voters thought the Abe administration was getting slack. We must firmly accept this result. Although Koike, on the surface, says that the political school is suppose to focus on helping people becoming actual players and make good politics in Japan, some believe it's part of Koike's plan to become Japan's next prime minister. TRANSLATED BY STELLA TU 日本首相安倍晉三,最近支持率首度跌破三成。目前政治行情看漲的,東京都知事小池百合子動作頻頻。去年曾經開辦的個人政治私塾,預計今年秋天再度舉辦,也要培養基層政治人才,投入東京都區市町村長等選戰。 2016年10月,東京都知事小池百合子,成立了政治希望私塾,短短半年多時間,東京都議員選戰開打。身為私塾負責人的小池,從學員中挑出人才參選,成功讓都民第一會,成為東京都議會第一大黨。 ==東京都知事 小池百合子== "政治的世界是一個封閉的世界" "跟我們沒有什麼關係" (私塾)是給這樣說的人們 也能有著"自己也能參加"的抱負 事實上 不少人也是從(希望私塾) 這裡參加都議員選舉當選 成功衝出好成績,讓小池布局未來,決定在今年秋天,再次開辦希望私塾,打算培養基層政治人才,投入東京都的區市町村長等選戰,便於推動其他如待機兒童,以及首都直下型地震因應政策。 東京都議員選戰開打前,小池退出自民黨,率領都民第一會,大勝自民黨成為東京都議會第一大黨後,也開始出現讓她競爭首相的呼聲。反觀現任安倍首相,因為推動爭議法案,又先後傳出涉入"森友學園"、"加計學園"醜聞,讓安倍支持率,首次跌破三成,只剩下29.9%。 ==日本首相 安倍晉三(2017.7.3.)== 我想這就是對安倍政權動搖 一種嚴厲批判的結果 我們必須真誠確實地接受民意 日媒分析,雖然小池表示開辦政治私塾,單純為了支持有志從政者,但各界普遍認為小池動機不單純,很可能是為了將來競選首相,培養自身勢力。 記者 陳詩童 報導