RUssia and America aren't exactly on friendly terms these days. Both sides seem to find more to disagree than otherwise. But even so, mainstream US media remains committed as ever to uncovering any secret bonds between Trump and Putin, and this time, it is revealed that the two had a tet-a-tet behind the doors at the G20 summit earlier this month. Trump has vehemently denied it, again on twitter. ==DONALD TRUMP U.S. President (2017.07.07)== Appreciated. President Putin and I have been discussing various things and I think it's going very well. We've had some very very good talks. We're going to have a talk now and obviously that will continue. Over the G20 summit, the U.S. President Trump met with the Russian President Putin for the first time after Trump's inauguration as president. ==VLADIMIR PUTIN Russian President (2017.07.07)== If we want to acquire positive results and resolve bilateral and urgent international issues, we need to communicate face-to-face. According to American media reports, Trump and Putin had a closed-door meeting after G20 leaders' dinner. First lady Melania Trump sat next to Russian President Putin, and Trump sat on the other end with German Chancellor Merkel. The White House had already confirmed the closed-door meeting. However, Associated Press quoted from a White House official saying that, to be precise, President Trump after the dinner walked to Melania, and exchanged a few words through interpreter with President Putin, then President Trump left. ==IAN BREMNER President, Eurasia Group President== Never in my life as a political scientist have I seen two countries, major countries, with a constellation of national interests that are as dissonant, while the two leaders seem to be doing everything possible to make nice-nice and be close to each other. That's what people don't understand. President Trump has never changed his stance on sanctions to Russia on the Ukraine issue. Trump shows no intention to return Russia's assets frozen by the former Obama Administration. Trump exchanged smiles with Putin in the public, but under table, they may not be that friendly to each other. TRNASLATED BY: ANTHONY LIN 儘管美國和俄羅斯,在許多外交問題上針鋒相對,包括中東局勢、乃至於俄方在美國的外交資產遭到查封,但美國主流媒體仍舊持續緊咬所謂的"通俄門"。例如7月上旬的G20高峰會期間,美國總統川普和俄羅斯總統蒲亭,進行了秘密會談。但川普在推特上公開反駁,還用"病態"這樣的字眼,批評部份媒體以偏概全。 ==美國總統 川普 (2017.7.7)== 謝謝,蒲亭總統和我討論過許多議題,會談氣氛相當融洽。我們現在也要開始會談,以後也會持續會談。 藉著這個月上旬的G20高峰會,美國總統川普上任後,首度和俄羅斯總統蒲亭面對面會談。 ==俄羅斯總統 蒲亭 (2017.7.7)== 如果我們要取得正面的成果,解決兩國之間以及急迫性的國際問題,是得面對面進行溝通。 根據美國媒體的報導,當天除了這場公開會面,川普和蒲亭還有第二場所謂的秘密會談。時間是當天的元首晚宴之後。當天晚宴的座位安排,坐在蒲亭旁邊的是美國第一夫人梅蘭妮,而川普本人則是在長桌的另一邊,和德國總理梅克爾坐在一起。 白宮已經證實的確有所謂的美俄元首秘密會談,但美聯社引述白宮官員的話說,精確的說法是,晚宴結束後川普起身走向梅蘭妮,然後跟旁邊的蒲亭,透過翻譯簡單交談了幾句話就離開。 ==美國歐亞研究中心創辦人 布里莫== 我擔任政治學者這麼多年,沒看過兩個主要大國,一面在國家利益上如此針鋒相對,一面卻是兩位元首相談甚歡。這讓人很難理解。 不過從實際的作為來看,美國在川普上任後,因為烏克蘭問題對俄羅斯制裁的立場並未鬆動,歐巴馬時代查封的俄羅斯外交資產,目前也無意解凍歸還。因此即使川普和蒲亭笑臉相迎,但檯面下依舊是劍拔弩張。 記者徐家仁 報導