France celebrated its National Day on July 14th, and US president Donald Trump was invited to join the Bastille Day parade in Paris. French President Emmanuel Macron said in his presidential address that nothing will ever separate France and the US, and that France will continue to fight terrorism. With soldiers marched in parade and fighter jets flew over the sky, France celebrated Bastille Day on the Champs Elysees Avenue. French President Emmanuel Macron invited the U.S. President Donald Trump and his wife Melania as guests of honor to the national celebrations. In Macron's speech, he hailed France's relationship with the United States. ==EMMANUEL MACRON, French President== We found reliable allies, friends who came to our rescue. The United States of America is one of them, and that's why nothing will ever break us apart. This was Macron's first national celebration after his inauguration, however it was also the first anniversary of the truck attack in Nice. 86 people were killed in the attack and it was one of the worst terror attacks in recent years for France. Macron vowed to fight without mercy inside and outside of French borders against terrorism. ==EMMANUEL MACRON, French President== When the unimaginable happens and tears out our lives, we are looking for causes. And then, the state must face up to its responsibilities. After the celebrations, President Macron arrived in Nice and paid tributes in commemoration with local residents. Macron emphasized that his administration will not be evasive, the nation will assume responsibilities and take care for over 400 wounded victims from the attack. TRANSLATED BY: ANTHONY LIN 法國總統馬克宏,邀請美國總統川普,參加今年的法國國慶。馬克宏上台發表演說時表示,沒有任何事情可以分化法國和美國,而對法國而言,今年國慶格外沉痛,因為這一天同時是尼斯卡車衝撞事件一週年,馬克宏致詞時也提到,會致力打擊犯罪,不會輕易跟恐怖主義低頭。 士兵整齊畫一邁出步伐,戰鬥機劃過天際,法國國慶日舉行閱兵典禮,法國總統馬克宏特地邀美國總統川普,擔任國慶日榮譽貴賓,川普頻頻起立鼓掌,兩人還時不時交談相處融洽,馬克宏上台發表演說時還說,美法兩國關係密不可分。 ==法國總統 馬克宏== 我們找到了同盟 這些朋友們也來參加 美國就是其中之一 沒有什麼事能將我們分開 這是馬克宏就任後第一次的國慶,對法國而言,今年國慶格外沉痛,因為這一天,同時是尼斯卡車衝撞事件一週年。這起過去幾年來,法國死傷最慘重的恐攻事件之一,馬克宏致詞時也提到會致力於打擊犯罪,不會輕易跟恐怖主義低頭。 ==法國總統 馬克宏== 當意外發生並撕裂我們的生活 國家應該勇於承擔責任 打擊恐怖主義是政府對恐攻受害人 不可推卸的責任 就在國慶活動結束後,馬克宏也前往尼斯,與當地民衆一同參加追思紀念活動,馬克宏強調,面對恐攻後人民的指責批評,絕不會逃避責任,國家應該勇於承擔責任,未來也將持續照顧恐攻後超過400名的傷者。 綜合報導