China's Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobao's health condition has worsened. On Jul.12, the hospital where Liu has been treated stated that Liu's condition is now life threatening with multiple organ failure. The hospital said doctors informed Liu's family of the need for a tracheotomy to keep him alive, but they declined. Several foreign governments continued to call for him to be freed on humanitarian grounds. President Tsai Ing-wen also joined the chorus of pleas, calling on Beijing to let Liu choose the country of his favor to receive cancer treatment Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobao, who was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer, has been refused permission to receive cancer treatment overseas by China. Although the international society called on China to release Liu, China dismissed the appeal. Outside the hospital, there were even police on guard. == GENG SHUANG Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman== We hope the country in question can respect China's judicial sovereignty and does not use so-called individual cases to interfere in China's internal politics. China has reacted sensitively over Liu's case. News from foreign channels reporting Liu was cut off, and a lot of Chinese people have no idea of who Liu is. Those who know Liu are afraid to talk about him publicly. ==Chinese == Oh, that's because he is Liu Xiaobo. (What is your comment on him?) Well, um…... you know what I am thinking about, right? Wall Street Journal said that China is using medical parole as an alternative to prison, since it denied requests to let Liu seek treatment abroad. The newspaper also said that China uploaded videos of Liu being visited by doctors from other countries on the Internet to mislead the international society. However, this violated patient privacy. ==LIU RUI SHAO Hong Kong political == What Liu Xiaobo said outside China is beyond the Chinese government's control. There has been an increasing trend for Chinese people to fight for democracy and human rights. China nipped these in the bud. On Jul.12, the hospital said that Liu's condition has worsened. Although Liu received emergency treatment, he is still suffering from multiple organ failure and septic shock. TRANSLATED BY:ARIEL HSIEH 中國諾貝爾和平獎得主劉曉波肝癌末期,病況惡化,今天下午醫院發出最新通報,表示劉曉波已進入呼吸衰竭,病情垂危,醫院全力搶救,家屬已簽字拒絕氣切插管,希望讓他有尊嚴地走。國際持續出現讓劉曉波到國外治療的聲浪,總統蔡英文今天則呼籲北京當局,讓劉曉波依自己意願,選擇治療方式和地點。 諾貝爾和平獎得主劉曉波罹患肝癌末期,儘管國際聲浪要求中國當局,讓劉曉波到國外就醫,但卻一再遭到婉拒,就連醫院外,都有公安車戒備。 ==中國外交部發言人 耿爽== 我們希望有關國家 尊重司法的主權 不要利用所謂的個案 來干涉中國的內政 中國對劉曉波議題,反應依舊很敏感,一看到外媒頻道,報導諾貝爾和平獎得主劉曉波,畫面就會突然遭到斷訊處理,就連到街上訪問,也有多數人不認識這位和平獎得主,少數認識的人,則是不敢談論。 ==中國民眾== 噢 是劉曉波嘛 (你對他的評價是) 這個就是... 你應該知道我這個想法吧 華爾街日報評論,雖然中國美其名讓劉曉波保外就醫,就不願放人,等於在醫院實施另類監禁。而中國為了不讓國際社會干涉,在網路上傳外國醫師探視、為中國醫師做保的畫面,除了誤導外界認為劉曉波受到良好照顧,也侵犯到病患隱私。 ==香港政治評論家 劉銳紹== 劉曉波在境外所說的話 是中國政府控制不到的 中國老百姓對於民主人權 這樣的爭取其實已經開始增加 用中國政府的說法就是 一定要將這些不穩定因素 扼殺在萌芽狀態中 2號上午,醫院發布劉曉波最新病況,說明肝功能進一步惡化,經過積極搶救及注射藥物後,仍有休克與器官衰竭問題。 記者 陳詩童 報導

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