The Supreme Court yesterday handed down the first death penalty this year. The sentence was given to a man convicted of murder and rape for murdering his girlfriend and her mother 4 years ago. The man, surnamed Huang, will become the 43rd convict on death row. On October 2013, Huang Lin-kai was doing compulsory military srvice. He was angry that after his girlfriend broke up with him, she wanted him to returned NT$200,000 that he borrowed from her. He broke into her residence and murdered her mother then waited for her to come home and raped and killed her. From the first verdict through all the appeals up to the Supreme Court, Huang has had the death sentence upheld. ==HUA MAN-TANG President, Supreme Court == He was sentenced to death in compliance with two principles of severe punishment and all aspects of the case meet these requirements, so we feel it appropriate. The victim's father has waited four years for the final verdict and said that finally justice had been done. ==VICTIM'S FATHER == Over these four years I have been to court 100 times, 100 times, every single time I was there, finally this time, the court gave justice. If he is sentenced to execution, you should execute him, take him and shoot him, like Zheng Jie (MRT stabber) otherwise what good is locking him up? Victim's families have called on the judiciary to carry out sentences swiftly. Previous Minister of Justice Luo Ying-shay signed the most recent execution order, that for the death sentence that of Cheng Chieh, the MRT stabber, who was then executed. There are currently 43 people sentenced to death in prison. The current government's Minister of Justice has not signed off on any of these death sentences yet. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR

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