Environmental groups and indigenous residents of a mining zone near Taroko Gorge took to the streets with supporters on Sunday afternoon. They were protesting the extension of Asia Cement's mining rights in the area. Organizers said that the crowd numbered nearly 6,000. The crowd walked from the Executive Yuan to the Presidential Office, calling on the government to withdraw Asia Cement's mining rights extension and reform the mining industry. ==PROTESTERS== Mining reform to save the people! Protesters lit smoke bombs and played explosion sound effects from truck-mounted loudspeakers, simulating Asia Cement's mining practices in the Xincheng mining zone near Taroko Gorge. ==ns== Protesters included 150 residents from Fushi village near the mining zone and more than 20 civic groups in support. Organizers said the crowd numbered over 6,000. After gathering in front of the Control Yuan, they then moved to protest in front of the Executive Yuan and the Presidential Palace. Seen from overhead, they formed the shape of Taiwan in an homage to the deceased documentary filmmaker Chi Bolin. Renowned television director Wang Shaudi also appeared in support. ==WANG SHAUDI Television Director== I cannot believe that such beautiful mountains, with so many people living there, could be destroyed like this. I cannot believe this (the mining rights extension) will happen and will continue for 20 more years. Local indigenous residents said that the government had ignored their right for decades. ==TIEN MING-CHENG Resident of Taroko Xincheng Mining Zone== Our land was taken away, our ancestors' spirits were taken away, all to turn into cement and sell. It has destroyed the feng shui of our homes. Environmental groups are angry that the extension of Asia Cement's mining rights was granted after only three and a half months of review. They are demanding immediate changes to the Mining Act. ==PAN CHENG-CHENG Citizen of the Earth Foundation== We demand that the Executive Yuan immediately submit their Mining Act amendments to the Legislative Yuan for review. Articles 31 and 47 of the Mining Act have come under fire in particular for being tailored to the interests of mining companies. Environmental groups said that the Executive Yuan and Ministry of Economic Affairs must arrive at a consensus for true reform to be possible. Meanwhile, Asia Cement has continued to respond to the controversy by emphasizing that its operations all comply with current laws. Translated by JOHN CHEN 抗議亞泥礦權違法展延,週日下午環團與太魯閣新城山礦區,周邊原住民、以及聲援團體,一起上街頭抗議,主辦單位估計,人數約有六千人,除了動員人力,還出動大卡車,模擬炸山音效,轟炸行政院,一路步行到總統府前凱道抗議,希望政府能撤銷亞泥礦權展延,同時改革礦業。 ==抗議口號== 點燃七彩煙霧彈,行政院大門口前一片霧茫茫,伸手不見五指,一旁大卡車,載著超大喇叭,不停播放轟炸音效,試圖模擬亞泥在太魯閣新城山礦區,炸山爆破瞬間. ==ns(爆炸音效)== 來自太魯閣富世村150位居民,以及超過20個聲援團體,主辦單位估計,抗議人數超過6千人,在監察院前集結,再走到行政院前抗議,一度造成交通阻塞,並沿著中山南路,一路步行前往總統府前凱道聚集,還特別排成台灣圖樣,向齊柏林致敬.而電視劇名導王小棣,也到抗議現場伸援. ==電視劇導演 王小棣== 我真的不敢相信 那麼漂亮的山 然後下面又住了這麼多人 會挖到這個樣子 我不相信一定要這樣子(礦權展延) 而且要再做20年 -1 不過對於當地原住民來說,這場抗議充滿了血淚,因為政府多年來漠視他們權益, ==太魯閣新城山礦區週邊住戶 田明正== 我們的土地被挖走 我們的祖靈被挖走 拿去做水泥 拿去賣掉 所以我們那邊的風水 都很不好 -1 不滿亞泥礦權展延審查,只花3個半月,實在太草率,環團要求礦業法應該立即修法. ==地球公民基金會 潘正正== 要求行政院 他必須立即 立即將他們的礦業法 送到立法院送審 針對礦業法修法,最讓外界詬病,就是霸王條款第卅一條與四十七條,不過會修法方向,環團表示,行政院與經濟部必須取得共識,才不會只是喊一喊,卻船過水無痕。而面對抗議亞泥依舊強調,一切合法。 記者黃立偉 郭俊麟台北報導