The grand justices verdict on Article 748 ruling that same-sex marriage is not unconstitutional has lead to a dispute in Yunlin. On June 23, in Yunlin County, the DPP council's deputy speaker proposed a motion that the grand justices' verdict was in violation of the constitution and the grand justices should be impeached. Out of 39 councilors, 22 supported the motion and passed it. The council has thus sent a document to the Control Yuan accusing the 14 grand justices of deh--ruhliction of duty, allowing their judicial power to overtake legislative power, intervening in executive power, and undermining the constitutional system and demanding for them all to be impeached. Elderly people in the countryside had mixed reactions when they heard about legalisation of same-sex marriage. ==YUNLIN RESIDENT== If people are happy then they can just live happily, other people shouldn't bother them. ==YUNLIN RESIDENT== How would the older generation feel if their son brought another man home? How would the descendents pass on the family name? Elderly people in the countryside do not understand the legal aspects of equal marriage, but because the DPP dominated Yunlin County's Deputy Speaker Su Chun-hao believes that the verdict on Article 748 caused 'social unrest', he proposed a motion for the Control Yuan to impeach the 14 grand justices who arrived at the verdict that same-sex marriage was not unconstitutional. ==SU CHUN-HAO Dep. Speaker, Yunlin County Council== I think they neglected their duty, so their verdict is wrong, anyway, they did not eliminate social dispute but just added to it. ==HUANG WEN-HSIANG Yunlin County Council councillor== You bring up children so that they can have descendents and carry on the family name and come back home, but if you encourage equal marriage, this will change social perceptions and lead to chaos. Su said that both pan blue and pan green councillors supported the impeachment, with 22 out of 39 in support. This was over half. Su emphasized that according to the constitution impeachment can result from dereliction of duty and anyone from the President to the lowest government official could be impeached, including the President of the Control Yuan, so it was not impossible to impeach the grand justices. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 午餐過後,許多鄉下老人家來到大樹下乘涼聊天,聽到未來同性婚姻將合法化,有人贊成有人反對。 ==雲林民眾== 人家如果快樂 開心可以過生活 這樣就好了 別人都管不著 ==雲林民眾== 長輩的感想會如何 自己的兒子帶男生回到家 會有什麼感受 傳宗接代怎麼辦 鄉下長輩多半不太了解同性婚合法化的法制面,但民進黨籍的雲林縣副議長蘇俊豪認為,同性婚姻釋憲748解釋文引起社會爭議,這個解釋文牴觸過往大法官一夫一妻解釋文的意旨,也有司法權僭越立法權、干預行政權,嚴重破壞憲政體制之虞,23號在雲林縣議會提案連署通過,將以雲林縣議會名義函文監察院,彈劾通過748解釋文的14名大法官。 ==雲林縣副議長 蘇俊豪== 之所以我認為他們有失職 因為解釋不當 反而沒有弭平 消弭社會爭議 而造成社會更大爭議 ==雲林縣議員 黃文祥== 養兒育女所期待是 看他們能傳宗接代 做子女的有好歸宿 但若鼓勵婚姻平權 這會造成社會觀感與社會亂象 蘇俊豪表示,這次提案不分藍綠黨派,在任的39名議員裡,共獲得22名議員支持,連署超過半數通過,並強調說,依憲法規定,彈劾事由是違法失職,對象上到總統下到文武百官,連檢察總長都曾經遭彈劾,彈劾大法官並無不可。 記者 王威雄 雲林報導