Search and rescue mission continues after a U.S. destroyer collided with a Philippine-registered container ship, which is four times of its size, off the coast of Japan. The Japanese coast guard said it received an emergency call and has sent vessels and aircraft to search the seven missing American navy sailors. Three on board were also injured, including the captain, who was airlifted to a hospital in Yokosuka. Officials began investigating about the cause of this mysterious, nighttime crash. The U.S. Navy Destroyer USS Fitzgerald collided with a Filipino container ship, destroyer's starboard visibly damaged. One injured U.S. Navy officer laying on a stretcher was carried by a Japanese Coast Guard helicopter for hospital treatment. The U.S. Navy said, the accident occurred around 2:30 a.m. local time at some 56 nautical miles southwest of Yokosuka. The destroyer was heading to Yokosuka Naval Base while the container ship was destined to Tokyo. The container ship is 222-meter long with weight of 29,000 tons, three times bigger in size than USS Fitzgerald. The destroyer was experiencing some flooding but not in danger of sinking. The USS Fitzgerald is equipped with Aegis combat system and capable of best air defense. As to the Philippine-registered container ship at , its ownership is a Japanese large shipping company. The container only had scratches over port side, sustained minimal damage and no injury reported. Search and rescue mission continues for the seven missing sailors. TRANSLATED BY: ANTHON YLIN 美國海軍驅逐艦費茲傑羅號今天凌晨在日本外海與1艘菲律賓商船相撞,日本海上保安廳證實,有3名美國海軍官兵受傷,7名美國船員下落不明。 與菲律賓商船相撞的的費茲傑羅號,右舷側船身明顯凹陷受損,一名頭部受傷的美軍,躺在擔架上,被送上日本海岸警衛隊的直升機送醫治療。美軍聲明指出,這起意外發生在日本橫須賀西南方約56海里處, 當地時間今天凌晨2點半左右,驅逐艦正朝橫須賀基地航行,商船正駛往東京。 由於菲律賓商船有222公尺長,2萬九千噸,體積是這艘軍艦的3倍大,因此相撞後,費茲傑羅號出現部分淹水,並沒有沉沒危機。費茲傑羅號配有神盾戰鬥系統,擁有優秀的防空管制能力。 至於貨櫃商船,船頭左舷受損程度相對輕。這艘商船掛有菲律賓國旗,但登記的船東是日本大型海運公司日本郵船。 目前證實費茲傑羅號仍有7名艦員下落不明。 記者 曾惠敏 報導