Recent torrential rains not only brought water to the Gaoping River, it also makes the water turbidity too high to use. Southern Region Water Resources Office said, if the torrential rain continues for more than a week, people may need to store water at their homes. Without much precipitation yet brought by the front, Gaoping River reaches a high water level. Three out of fourteen water barrages are open. Ever since the first front in early June, Gaoping River has high water turbidity degree for the past ten days. ==CHIEN CHIEN-CHENG Dep. Dir-Gen, Southern Reg. Water Res. Office, MOEA== The rain on June 1, water turbidity degree was once as high as fifty thousand; now is seven thousand or eight thousand. But the levels were higher than six thousand NTU which a purification plant can handle. Greater Kaohsiung uses one million and ten tons of water per day from Gaoping River. However, the supply has been reduced to 300,000 tons, because water turbidity degree exceeds six thousand NTU. The second front is coming, Southern Region Water Resources Office hopes the days of torrential rains not to exceed seven days. ==HUANG SHIH-WEI Director, Southern Region Water Resources Office, MOEA== If turbidity degree remains from a week to ten days, as what we just said, we will undertake alternative measures (such as reserved water supply). In addition, we have Chengching Lake Reservoir and Fengshan Reservoir, they are nearly full, and therefore they can serve for another week of water supply. Although there are Nanhua Reservoir and subsurface water available for clean water supply, people need to be prepared for possible temporary water shortage when the front comes. TRANSLATED BY: ANTHONY LIN 鏡頭轉回國內,6月初第一波鋒面暴雨,造成全台原水濁度飆高,部分地區還因此減壓供水或停水,用水主要倚賴高屏溪的大高雄地區,從上次濁度飆高到5萬多,就一直沒有降回處理標準內,南區水資源局表示,最近都啟動備援供水應急,但如果暴雨天數超過一個禮拜,民眾可能要準備貯水。 鋒面再來,高雄降雨還不多,高屏溪卻已經濁流滾滾,取水用的攔河堰,14個水門,也只打開三個,因為從六月初的第一波鋒面,高屏溪水濁度就居高不下,十天以來都超過處理標準。 ==水利署南水局副局長 簡振澄== 六月一號梅雨 它的濁度 一度飆高到5萬多 那目前為止整個濁度 都還有7、8千 都還是超過淨水廠的 處理能力6000NTU 大高雄地區用水,原本每天要從高屏溪取水110萬噸,但濁度超過6千,只能減少到取30幾萬噸,南水局最近都啟動備援供水,把大高雄每天所需的160萬噸水補足。但高屏溪取水還未恢復正常,第二波鋒面又要來,南水局希望,這次暴雨天數別超過七天。 ==水利署南水局局長 黃世偉== 它如果說濁度一直維持 一個禮拜到十天 就是我們剛剛講的 配套(備援供水)方案都會上場 另外我們的澄清湖水庫 還有鳳山水庫 目前也幾乎都是滿庫 所以它也可以多出水一個禮拜 雖然還有南化水庫和伏流水,可穩定供應部分水源,但民眾還是要有心理準備,鋒面來反而可能造成的暫時供水不足。 記者 王介村 許政俊 高雄報導