In other news, the so-called independence clause of the DPP charter has once again become the center of attention. DPP legislative caucus convener Ker Chien-ming reportedly said in an interview that the clause is now the biggest obstacle to cross-Strait engagement, and that amending it can be an option. Ker later explained that the media had read too much into his statements. Meanwhile, Tainan Mayor William Lai said that freezing the independence clause will not help improve cross-Strait relations. Cross-Strait relations have entered a deep freeze since President Tsai Ing-wen took office. A print media source reported that DPP legislative caucus convener Ker Chien-ming, who advocated for freezing the "independence clause" of the DPP charter in 2013, said in an interview that the independence clause is the biggest obstacle to cross-strait independence and that the charter should be amended. However, Ker later backpedalled and said that the media read too much into his statements. ==KER CHIEN-MING DPP Caucus Convener== I must say that I simply don't know. Probably the newspaper went too far in interpreting what I said, all right? Tainan Mayor William Lai, who had drew controversy for claiming to be "pro-China while loving Taiwan," also said that freezing the independence clause will not help cross-Strait engagement. Lai also said that Taiwan and China should search for common ground while keeping in mind differences, and that nothing else would help solve the problem. ==WILLIAM LAI Tainan Mayor == China can also see that the mainstream public opinion in Taiwan is that we want to be in control of our own fate, while engaging and cooperating with them to bring prosperous development for both sides. This is our common hope. Former Premier Yu Shyi-kun, who had always been opposed to freezing the independence clause, said that there will be no DPP without the independence clause. ==YU SHYI-KUN former Premier== I am not in favor. If there had been no independence clause, would the DPP be here today? We must be committed to what's right, and stay true to the ideals we all had when we founded the party. We should not abandon our ideals. Recently, there have been calls from within the DPP to freeze the independence clause. Some say that the recent spate of comments reflects the DPP's desire to discuss the issue in its national representatives' meeting. However, as cross-Strait policy is a sensitive issue and is not one of the current administration's priorities, most believe that there is very little chance of further discussion on the issue. Translated by JOHN CHEN 民進黨台獨黨綱存廢議題再度引發關注!傳出民進黨立院黨團總召柯建銘接受平面媒體訪問時表示,台獨黨綱是兩岸交流最大障礙,修改黨綱是務實可行的做法,但柯建銘事後對此表示是媒體過度解讀。另外台南市長賴清德也對此表示,凍結台獨黨綱對兩岸的交流沒有幫助。 蔡政府上任後兩岸關係陷入冰點,民進黨的台獨黨綱是否該凍結?有平面媒體報導,曾在2013年提出凍結台獨黨綱主張的民進黨立院黨團總召柯建銘受訪時表示,台獨黨綱是兩岸交流最大障礙,修改黨綱是務實可行的做法,但柯建銘對報導內容不願多說,只表示媒體過度解讀。 ==民進黨立院黨團總召 柯建銘== 我想那個 我不知道 可能報紙自己 (報導錯誤) 自己過度引申 好不好 日前喊出親中愛台的台南市長賴清德也在議會備詢時回答說,凍結台獨黨綱對兩岸的交流沒有幫助,賴清德也向中國喊話表示,兩岸現況應該要求同存異,其他的事情對解決問題沒有幫助。 ==台南市長賴清德== 中國也可以看出台灣主流民意 是希望自己當家作主 同時可以和他們好好交流合作 促進彼此的繁榮發展 這是我們共同的願望 向來立場反對凍結台獨黨綱的前行政院長游錫堃則質疑,如果沒有台獨黨綱,會有今天的民進黨嗎? ==前行政院長游錫堃== 我不贊成 如果沒有台獨黨綱 有今天的民進黨嗎 就是說 對的就應該堅持 就像剛剛開始創黨時候 那時候的理想一樣 不要把理想拋棄 近來民進黨內陸續傳出聲音,希望凍結台獨黨綱,外界認為民進黨內有人希望在全代會討論這項議題,所以開始營造討論氣氛與新聞議題,不過對執政的民進黨來說,目前兩岸政策還不是最優先需要處理的議題,加上牽涉兩岸政治敏感神經,各界大多認為以目前現況,要進一步討論的機會恐怕不大。 記者 張志雄 謝其文 台北報導