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A pair of two-year-old twins in Taichung were having a fever and bloody stools for three or four days. After going to the hospital, the twins were found to be infected with Salmonella because the parents put raw eggs in hot pot stew dipping sauce. Doctors pointed out that young children should refrain from eating raw eggs. Two-year-old twins in Taichung ate hotpot at home with their parents. The twins were infected with the salmonella which can be lethal. The source of infection was a hot pot sauce mixture with raw eggs. ==LIN HUNG-CHIH Pediatrics Division Supervisor, Asia University Hospital== Children's intestines are easily infected and this can cause enteritis. If it gets serious, the intestines may perforate. Another thing is when the virus enters the bloodstream there may be sepsis. The parents said that the two toddlers suffered from fever and blood in stools for three to four days. The hospital confirmed that the children were infected with salmonella and doctors said that salmonella is common in high temperatures, and the virus can permeate through egg shells to the yolk and white. ==PARENT== If there is any raw food, I cook it thoroughly before I give it to my kids. (Would you give them raw eggs?) No. ==PARENT== I worry that my child's stomach and intestines are not strong enough to cope with salmonella. Doctors said the salmonella virus is present in water, poultry, milk, eggs and meat. The viruses are common at any temperature above room temperature. Food should be cooked at over 70 degrees Celsius for five minutes to kill salmonella. Doctors said the public and especially to children, should not consume raw eggs. TRANSLATED BY:ANTHONY LIN 天氣轉熱,小心生食、感染沙門氏桿菌!台中一對2歲雙胞胎,出現發燒3、4天,拉出黏液狀的血便的症狀,父母趕緊送孩子就醫,後來確認是感染"沙門氏桿菌敗血症"。家長回想,日前在家中吃壽喜燒,用了生蛋調成的醬汁餵給小孩,引發感染,醫師建議,還是不要生食雞蛋比較安全。 台中一對兩歲的雙胞胎,跟爸媽在家裡吃壽喜燒,卻因此感染沙門氏菌,引發嚴重可能致命的敗血症,原來是爸媽餵它們吃了,拌生蛋的醬料 ==亞洲大學附屬醫院兒科部部長 林鴻志== 比較小的孩子 比較容易因為 腸子(感染)影響到腸炎 嚴重的話 腸子會穿孔 會破掉 另一部分就是 它細菌跑到血液裡去 就會造成沙門氏桿菌的敗血症 家長說,兩個孩子陸續發燒三四天,還拉血便,趕緊送醫確認是沙門氏菌感染,醫師表示,最近天氣炎熱,是沙門氏菌好發季節,在高溫環境會大量繁殖,而生雞蛋如果處理不當,很容易透過蛋殼感染到內部的蛋黃或蛋白。 ==家長== 如果有生食 我一定會煮熟 再給他吃 (會給他吃生蛋嗎)不會 ==家長== 怕小朋友腸胃道 比較不好 怕會感染沙門氏桿菌 醫師表示,沙門氏桿菌廣布水、家禽、牛奶、蛋、肉等製品,也容易在高溫下大量繁殖和傳播,即便食物在70度以上,還是要連續煮個5分鐘以上,就可以殺死細菌,另外,像是溫泉蛋這種半生不熟的蛋,還是建議少吃,尤其腸胃道還沒發育完全的孩子,更應該將食物完全煮熟,才能避免感染。