Following the historic same-sex marriage constitutional ruling last week, Yunlin County deputy council speaker, Su Chun-hao, is now working on an impeachment case against the 14 grand justices who ruled in favor of the case. But experts in the law say Su's case has little ground. Recently the grand justices made an interpretation of the constitution, arriving at the verdict that marriage between members of the same sex was not unconstitutional. They required the Legislative Yuan to amend or implement relevant legislation within two years. Yunlin County councilors say that the issue is being discussed in the countryside and most people are against it and hope the government will reconsider. ==HUANG WEN-HSIANG Yunlin County Councilor== Same-sex relationships are a marginal issue, not a mainstream issue, the government doesn't have to deal with these marginal issues and make them legal. ==CHUNG MING-SHENG Yunlin County Councilor== We won't obstruct same-sex relationships, but the government shouldn't be encouraging them. On the morning of May 31, Yunlin County Council held a general interpellative session and the Yunlin County Council DPP Speaker Su Chun-ho proposed that the grand justices' interpretation of the constitution was, in fact, unconstitutional, as it was interpreting the spirit of the constitution, to solve legal concerns, and was shallow and hasty, causing social dispute in Yunlin. ==SU CHUN-HAO Yunlin County Council DPP Speaker== Yunlin County Councilors want to propose a motion to impeach the 14 grand justices who made interpretation 748 on the constitution, including the Judicial Yuan President Hsu Tzong-li. Su emphasized that within two years after the interpretation, the Legislative Yuan must amend or create relevant legislation. This oversteps the mark of the justices' remit and is an interference in legislative power, as, if legislation is not completed, people can still go to household registration offices and ask for marriage registration, as it has not been deemed unconstitutional. Su says that this also clearly interferes with executive power. However, councilor attendance at the meeting was insufficient, and Su will have to wait until over half of the council is present to vote on the motion. If there is majority support, then Yunlin County Council will send a motion to the Judicial Yuan recommending impeachment of the grand justices. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 大法官日前針對同婚釋憲,但雲林有部分議員表示,大法官釋憲後,引起地方很大疑慮,民進黨籍雲林縣議會、副議長蘇俊豪,今天提議行文監察院,基於對法令解釋嚴重不當,以及影響社會倫理秩序,建請彈劾、通過解釋文的14名大法官與司法院長。 同性之間到底能不能結婚?日前大法官針對同性婚姻釋憲,要求立法院2年內須完成相關法令的修正與制定引起地方關注,有雲林地方議員就說,此話題最近在鄉下地方引發議論,大多持反對意見希望政府若要立法需再三思。 ==雲林縣議員 黃文祥== 同性之間是一個角落產生 這不是普及性問題 政府不用針對這角落性問題 去讓它有個適法性 ==雲林縣議員 鐘明馨== (同性戀愛)我們不會去阻止 但是政府應該是不能給予鼓勵 31號上午雲林縣議會進行縣政總質詢,雲林縣副議長蘇俊豪提案指出,大法官同婚釋憲屬於違憲,因為解釋文精神,主要是為了解決法律疑慮,而此次解釋文不夠周延又草率,已引起更大的社會爭議。 ==雲林縣副議長 蘇俊豪== 針對748大法官解釋文 提出希望能以雲林縣議會之名 能夠向監察院行文陳情 然後彈劾這次通過748解釋文的 14位的大法官 其中包含許宗力院長 蘇俊豪強調,解釋文公布後2年內,立法院須完成相關法令的修正與制定,這也表示已干涉立法權,若未完成修法,也可持簽名向戶政機關辦理結婚登記,也明顯干涉行政權,但因今天議員出席人數不足,將等到大會過半議員出席後表決,如獲議會支持,就能以雲林縣議會名義行文監察院建請彈劾。 記者 王威雄 雲林報導

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