A patient suffering from stage two colon cancer had decided to choose the alternative cancer treatment offered by a Doctor named Hsu Da-fu. It's a treatment that requires using electrolyte water and practising qigong. Later on, the patient decided to seek medical treatment at Taipei Veterans General Hospital but it was too late and he passed away in 2013. The patient's doctor at the hospital criticised doctor 許 who had persuaded the patient to use a 'natural cure' on Facebook as making the patient pay for a 'treatment' that took his life. . The image shows the enlarged tumor which caused Mr. Fan's death. In 2009 he was diagnosed as having stage two colon cancer. He went to several hospitals who all suggested that he have surgery and then treatment. However, Mr. Fan chose to use a Dr. Hsu Da-fu's 'natural treatment'. This involved buying electrolyte water and other products and Mr. Fan spent over NT$ one million on the treatment. The tumor continued to grow and the patient passed away in 2013. == MRS. FAN == My husband felt that if he became a vegetarian, practised qigong, drank that water and exercised then it could be controlled. In the end it was more and more severe and I asked (the doctor) can your products really treat cancer? ==DR. WU YUAN-HUNG Taipei Veterans Hospital Oncology Dept.== At the time when he came to the hospital, before he even came into the clinic, we could smell the tumor and he couldn't even lie down flat, he had to lie on his stomach. Dr Wu said that by the time Mr. Fan came for treatment the tumor was too severe for the patient to survive and so he wanted to come out publicly and remind people not to believe in such treatments. Dr Hsu has a background in neurosurgery and was once diagnosed with third stage colon cancer. He used his website to share his experience of 'natural treatment'. He refused to be interviewed and emphasised that he was misunderstood. On Facebook he wrote that he had the best intentions but was later forced to delete the post and post an apology. After this no more comments were made. ==SHI CHONG-LIANG Sec. Head, MOHW Dept. of Medical Affairs== We heard about this from the Internet and when we found out, we passed the information to the local health authority to investigate exactly what was the situation and to punish this according to regulations. The MOHW said that according to treatment regulations, doctors' personal names could not be used as advertisements and this was a punishable offense. It said it was now aware of Dr. Hsu and had asked Taichung Health Bureau to handle his case. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 一名罹患直腸癌二期的患者,因為聽信醫師的自然療法,購買電解水,以及做氣功等方式治療,延誤就醫,腫瘤大到衝破肛門病逝。 最後治療的台北榮總醫師吳元宏,在臉書批評這名醫師,讓病患花了錢又賠了生命,但被點名的許達夫醫師下午低調表示是被誤解,也在臉書說自己用心良苦問心無愧。 照片上,巨大的腫瘤已經長到肛門外,2009年被確診是直腸癌二期的范先生,雖然分別到多家醫院看診也都建議開刀治療,但范先生相信許達夫醫師的自然療法,購買電解水等產品,只不過花了上百萬元,腫瘤還是不幸復發,在2013年病逝。 == 范太太== 那時候我先生也覺得說 如果照他講的說 吃素 做氣功 喝他那個水(電解水) 再做運動應該是可以控制 到後來越來越嚴重 我就問他說 你的產品真的可以 把我先生治好嗎 他就告訴我說 我沒有說我的產品 可以把癌症治好 ==北榮放射腫瘤科醫師 吳元宏== 當時要來就診的時候 大概他不用進診間 就可以聞到那個(腫瘤惡臭)味道 病人沒有辦法平躺 可想而知 一定就是要趴著這樣子 最後負責診治的北榮醫師吳元宏表示,范先生就醫時,腫瘤惡化嚴重,這次出面提醒,是要呼籲相關病人接受正規療程,不要聽信偏方,而被點名的許達夫醫師,腦神經外科出身,曾經罹患大腸癌第三期,從他的個人網頁有著分享自然療法的抗癌經驗,下午他拒絕受訪,只強調被誤解!他也在臉書寫道,自己用心良苦,問心無愧,而被迫刪除貼文,一聲對不起引起大家的注意」,從此不再發表意見 ==衛福部醫事司長 石崇良== 像這個事件 也是有網友提出來 我們發現之後 就交查給衛生局去交辦 查明之後 他到底他實際的狀況是如何 依照法規來裁罰 衛福部表示,根據醫療法規定,非醫療機構不得為醫療廣告,即使是醫師,也不能用醫師個人名義來廣告,違規者可依法開罰,對於許醫師的狀況都有掌握,也已經要求台中市衛生局進行蒐集並處理。

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