On May 11, the draw for team events at the 2017 Summer Universiade took place, but China was conspicuously absent. According to Taipei, the host city, it was because the Universiade overlapped with several of China's national games, but some suspected there are other reasons. To clear the air, the Taipei organizing committee said that around one to two hundred Chinese athletes are expected to sign up for the games' individual events, which is open for registration until July 19. ==KO WEN-JE Taipei City Mayor == There are less than 100 days to go, let's continue with preparations. Ko has vowed to let the Universiade unfold successfully. He was happy that the event had found sponsors to the tune of NT$58 million. However, the focus was pulled somewhat by speculation on China's motives for giving up on the team events. The Universiade Organizing Committee said that this was due to an overlap in the Universiade and the China National Games. ==SU LI-CHUNG Universiade Organizing Committee CEO== As team events are the basis of their National Games, so the competition in those is intense. Some teams have contracts with various provinces and they have to honour that sort of cooperation, so it's hard for them to send teams to the team events, but they will be there for the individual events. The deadline for registration for individual events is July 19. The organising committee said that it had communication channels with China and understood that it wanted to register and take part in events. The team events for which China did not register include football, basketball, ice hockey, baseball and volleyball. Some people think Ko's rosy vision of a single family across the straits has cracks in it. ==KO WEN-JE Taipei City Mayor == Get to know each other, understand each other, respect each other and cooperate and sometimes in the end when we are really close, even forgive each other, I think that's not too bad! The scale of the Universiade is second only to the Olympics. The Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee said that China had rarely given up on competing in its team events, but the China National Games are very important to their competitors, added to which the fact that it is being hosted by Taiwan, renders it sensitive. These two factors combined may have lead to the choice to refrain from participating. == TSAI YI-JUE Dep. Chair, Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee== In Taiwan we all know, the situation is special, so (the Chinese side)'s assessment and decision on the team events is in fact, scouting fire. It's difficult to control this sort of thing. China's refraining from team events but competing in individual events may be a dig at Taiwan. However, until the registration for individual events is completed, no-one will know for sure. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 2017台北世大運,昨天舉辦團體賽事抽籤,不過中國大陸代表隊,全數缺席團體賽。中方理由是與自己國內的全國運動會,賽程相衝突,才會放棄出賽,引起外界聯想。世大運執委會今天表示,個人賽的部分,報名時間到7/19,目前溝通結果是中方選手,會有一兩百人參賽。 ==台北市長 柯文哲== 剩下不到一百天 就繼續準備 好 要把世大運辦好辦滿,台北市長柯文哲說得信誓旦旦,而且也正開心募到價值5800萬的銀行合作案,不過世大運卻因中國大陸確定放棄參加團體賽,引起議論!世大運執委會解釋,中方以世大運和中國大陸全國運動會賽程衝突,才會放棄出賽。 ==世大運執行長 蘇麗瓊== 因為團賽是基於 他們全國運動會的關係 所以有些團體比賽的競爭 非常激烈 有些團隊跟各省份 都有一些合作契約 所以他們要遵循這樣的合作契約 比較難派團體的隊伍來 至於個人比賽的部分 不會缺席的 個人賽部分因7月19日才報名截止,世大運執委會表示目前和中方溝通管道暢通,據了解中方也有意願報名出賽,尤其游泳田徑和體操等強項部分。只是中方缺席團體賽,包括足球,籃球,冰球,棒球和排球等五項,將看不到中國隊身影,外界則質疑柯文哲的兩岸一家親,恐怕已經失靈。 ==台北市長 柯文哲== 互相認識 互相了解 互相尊重 互相合作 有時候最後還有 如果是真正的親 還要加一樣 互相體諒 我覺得這個也還好啦 世大運規模僅次於奧運,中華奧會表示,過去中方很少放棄世大運團體賽,但中國大陸全運會對選手重要度很高,加上世大運由台灣主辦事涉敏感,雙重考量下才選擇缺席。 == 中華奧會副主席 蔡賜爵== 在台灣大家心知肚明 因為情況也很特殊 (中方)評估那團體項目 事實上 它的一個擦槍走火 是比較難以這個控制的事情 中方缺席團體賽只參加個人賽,等於給台灣碰軟釘子,至於世大運進場歌曲,目前世大運執委會為避免爭議,將採用FISU會歌進場。 記者 李曉儒 陳柏諭 台北報導