On May 11, the Legislative Yuan's Economics Committee held a meeting to re-review the draft bill for Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program. Strongly opposed to the draft bill, the KMT mobilized its legislators to stop the meeting from proceeding. Scuffles broke out between legislators of the KMT and the DPP.The review process finally began in the afternoon, after top level officials from the Executive Yuan arrived to clarify issues, but the review once again broke down at the draft bill's seventh article, which proved too contentious. While KMT legislators were shouting slogans, DPP legislators surrounded the podium to block them, attempting to take control of the situation. On May 11, the Legislative Yuan's Economics Committee held a meeting to re-review the draft bill for Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program. However, not long after the meeting started, a scuffle erupted between legislators of the two parties. During the scuffle, DPP legislator Lu Sun-ling fell to the floor and was injured. The DPP therefore called on the KMT to stop acting on violence. ==CHIU YI-YING DPP Legislator== The KMT's violence acts show that it is a party which has no strategic moves. The KMT lacks the ability to express its ideas and to convince others. On May.10, President Tsai Ing-wen asked for a progress on the draft bill during a DPP Central Standing Committee meeting. As KMT legislators held different opinions against DPP legislators on the issue, little progress was made. KMT legislator Liao Kuo-Tung even tossed flour in the air twice, making the joint meeting more chaotic. ==LIAO KUO-TUNG KMT legislator== How dare a president who only has a three-year term left in office compile an eight-year budget? She is going too far. Whether she could serve another term or not, she is interfering with the next president's business. Around noon, vice Premier Lin Hsi-yao and minister without portfolio Chang Ching-sen went to the Legislative Yuan to communicate with KMT legislators, in hopes that the review process could start in the afternoon. ==LIN HSI-YAO Vice Premier== Although the infrastructure program is scheduled for eight years, a budget review will be sent to the Legislative Yuan every two years. It was not until over 3pm that DPP committee convener Gao Jyh-peng announced to start reviewing the draft plan. When the second article was recited, KMT legislators took out their protest signs again, asking the bill to be returned. They said that the review did not follow appropriate procedures. However, the review continued as the DPP holds majority in the meeting. Unwilling to give up, KMT legislators whistled into a microphone, disturbing the meeting. Both KMT legislators and DPP legislators refused to compromise with each other. Several scuffles broke out in the afternoon as the meeting proceeded. The meeting was dismissed after the legislature official finished reciting the sixth article, because legislators had divided opinions on the seventh article, which specifies the plan's budget and launch time. The infrastructure plan will be reviewed another time. TRANSLATED BY:ARIEL HSIEH 立法院今天繼續審查前瞻特別條例草案,國民黨發動甲級動員,會議才開始不久,就爆發激烈衝突,議事再度空轉。行政院副院長林錫耀以及政務委員張景森,親赴立院溝通後,下午議事進入實質審查。但是是在國民黨立委抗議聲中,逐條宣讀條文。宣讀完第6條後,因為場面混亂,高志鵬再度宣布休息,希望朝野協商後擇期再審。 國民黨立委大聲喊口號,民進黨立委不為所動,用層層人馬包圍主席台,立法院經濟委員會要續審前瞻基礎建設條例,會議開始沒多久,兩黨立委就爆發嚴重推擠衝突,有人直接扭打、民進黨立委呂孫綾被推擠跌倒受傷,民進黨立委直呼國民黨,不要再把立法院當廟會、繼續秀下限。 ==民進黨立委 邱議瑩== 各式各樣的暴力行為 其實只會讓大家看笑話 也看出國民黨 真的是完全沒有策略 完全沒有說服力 完全沒有論述的一個政黨3 總統蔡英文前一天才在民進黨中常會指示,今天審查一定要有進度,可是藍綠立委吵得鬧哄哄,國民黨團總召廖國棟甚至兩度灑麵粉,讓場面更混亂。 ==國民黨團總召 廖國棟== 一個(剩)三年任期的總統 卻要編八年的預算 占有了下一個可能是她 也可能是另外一個 總統當選人的權責 都被她霸占占完了 前瞻計畫在立法院初審再度進入混戰,行政院副院長林錫耀、和政務委員張景森,在接近中午的時候也親自到立法院溝通,希望下午能夠進入實質審查。 ==行政院副院長 林錫耀== 我們前瞻特別條例 雖然是以八年為期 不過我們的預算是每兩年 就編預算送立法院來審查 下午會議拖到3點多,民進黨召委高志鵬才宣布開會,進入實質審查,當宣讀第2條條文時,國民黨立委們又再度拿出抗議標語,要求退回前瞻計畫,認為程序違法,但民進黨團以人數優勢,宣布繼續開會,並由議事人員逐條宣讀法條,引發國民黨立委不滿、自備麥克風並吹哨子干擾議事進行。 由於藍綠立委各有立場、雙方堅持不讓步,下午又陸續爆發幾波肢體衝突,在宣讀完第6條條文後,第7條後涉及前瞻的預算與時程,朝野分歧意見過大,因此高志鵬宣布休息散會,擇期再審。 記者綜合報導