A Taipei lawyer, in memory of his late mother, who was a midwife, recently donated the first ambulance designed for transporting premature babies in eastern Taiwan. Here's a look. This first thing one notices upon entering this ambulance, which is designed for transporting premature babies, is this set of tracks for loading and unloading mobile infant incubators. ==LIU PI-YUN Infant Care Head Nurse, Mennonite Hospital== What you see here is a neonatal incubator capable of not only just keeping the baby warm, but of monitoring with embedded sensors, the baby's vital signs. It also comes with an infant ventilator. This ambulance comes with an NT$2 million price tag and is the only one capable of transporting premature babies in eastern Taiwan. The man who donated it, a Taipei lawyer surnamed Fu, recalled how his late mother, who was a midwife, told him the challenges involved in taking premature babies to the hospital. ==FU TSU-SHENG Lawyer who donates ambulance== I donated the ambulance to encourage more people. Perhaps one day more people would be like the charitable vegetable vendor from Taitung who is not rich but still did so much good work. I hope everyone will be willing to contribute more within their means. According to the Mennonite Hospital in Hualien, which received 168 premature babies in 2016, the mountainous terrain in eastern Taiwan makes it particularly dangerous when a baby born prematurely has to be transferred. For parents, having access to this ambulance makes them feel more assured. ==MRS. CHEN mother of premature baby== If in the process of delivery, my water broke earlier than expected, then without more advanced equipment to sustain my baby, I'll probably loose it. While the ambulance is also apt for general purposes, it is mainly reserved for transporting premature babies and is available for booking upon request. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 東部地區沒有早產兒專用救護車,為了紀念從事助產士,已經過世的母親,台北一名律師,特別捐贈一台早產兒救護車給花蓮門諾醫院,救護車上不但加裝了輸送軌道還配置保溫箱,對於早產兒轉院有相當大的助益。 打開這台早產兒專用的救護車,可以看見車上特別加裝了輸送軌道,方便輸送以及固定維持早產兒生命的輸送型保溫箱,讓寶寶在轉送的過程中不至於受到搖晃而驚嚇。 ==花蓮門諾醫院嬰兒室 護理長 劉碧雲== 這台保溫箱大家看到的是 它除了是一台保溫的功能之外 上面還會有一個所謂的 生理監視器 這是可以監測孩子的 生命徵象的部份 另外旁邊會有一個呼吸器 這台早產兒救護車,可是目前東部地區第一輛,捐贈者是一位在台北執業的傅姓律師,他想起母親在世前從事助產士時,常告訴他救助早產兒有多麼危險,所以特別捐贈了一台造價200多萬元的早產兒救護車給花蓮門諾醫院。 ===捐贈者 傅祖聲 律師=== 我只是希望這是一個 像是拋磚引玉 那有更多的人能夠把自己 就像台東賣菜的媽媽一樣 她雖然不是那麼富有的人 但是她可以捐獻那麼多 那每個人都可以在 自己能力範圍內多捐獻一些 門諾醫院強調,以2016年為例,院內新生兒就有168位是早產兒,其中有50位需要重症醫療照護,偏偏花蓮地形狹長路途遙遠,轉院對早產兒來說非常危險,但現在有了這台救護車,父母親就可以安心許多。 ===早產兒母親 陳太太=== 我的孩子如果說在生產過程 臨時破水 那如果說 沒有一個比較好的機台 來維持他們的話 我可能就會失去這對孩子 値得一提的是,這台早產兒救護車也可以當一般救護車使用,但主要還是以運送早產兒為主,有需要的民眾可以洽花蓮門諾醫院,院方會安排轉院接送。 記者溫嘉楷 花蓮報導