In more inspiring news this morning, a clothes designer in Israel is attempting to change the body image bias of the fashion trade, by replacing her larger size labels with positive messages for women, so in stead labeling a dress size 14, words such as beautiful, fabulous or gorgeous are used. From outside, Noa Rubin's clothes shop looks much like any other, but step inside and you'll see a subtle difference. In Rubin's shop, clothes have unique size labels ranging from "A-Amazing", "B-Beautiful", "C-Chic", "D-Divine" "F-Fabulous" and "G-Gorgeous" instead of regular numerical sizes. ==NOA RUBIN clothing designer== Why does a woman that comes to buy clothes need to see in front of her eyes that she is extra large or extra-extra large, she doesn't need it. She knows that she is extra large, again to remind her? Although sizing is done for the convenience of retailers and shoppers, Rubin thinks that clothes manufacturers do a dis-service to women by making them fall into categories like large, extra large, or even extra-extra large. Rubin changed the system as she believes that women of all sizes should celebrate their bodies. Her idea is welcomed by customers. ==SHARONA KURBNIK shopper== It's nice to be considered as something amazing or divine and not something that is a letter or a number, makes you feel much more special about yourself, and much more unique. One of Israel's leading plus size models, Ray Segev, also thinks that Rubin's labeling is empowering even though she is sceptical about whether the fashion industry would ever adopt it. == RAY SEGEV plus size model and fashion blogger == I think the sizes in fashion are rooted in our society, for so many years and it's so difficult to change it. I don't care that I'm size 12 or 14 or 16. It doesn't matter to me I love my body and whatever, you know? A look at the runway during Israel's Fashion Week seems to confirm Rubin's judgment. However, her campaign is just getting started. TRANSLATED BY ARIEL HSIEH