Hong Kong's Chief Executive election was held today. To no one's surprise, Beijing's favored candidate Carrie Lam was elected with 777 votes from the 1,200-member Election Committee. While she is Hong Kong's first female Chief Executive since the port city opened to trade 176 years ago, the 59-year-old also saw the lowest poll numbers among the general public throughout the campaign. She will take office on July 1st. ==CARLYE CHU vote return officer, Chief Executive Election== I am here to announce the election of Ms. Carrie Lam. The results are in for Hong Kong's Chief Executive election, and former Chief Secretary of Administration Carrie Lam has won with 777 votes. That's 88 more than the 689 won by current Chief Executive C. Y. Leung. Lam will be the fifth Chief Executive of Hong Kong and the first woman. Lam was the preferred candidate of Hong Kong's pro-China camp. In response to her election, the pan-democray electors protested with slogans demanding a popular vote and yellow umbrellas symbolizing the anti-Beijing movement. Lam won a landslide victory despite having the lowest polling of the three candidates. John Tsang, who led polls and was supported by the pan-democrats, received 365 votes while judge Woo Kwok-hing received only 21. With tears in her eyes, Lam said in her victory speech that she will communicate across political lines within the Legislative Council, and that her first priority will be to unify Hong Kong and heal societal rifts. ==CARRIE LAM Hong Kong Chief Executive Elect== To me, unity must be built step by step on solid ground. It is through real work and actual results that I will respond to those who support me. All three candidates made their final appeal to the Election Committee this morning at the Hong Kong Convention Center where the election took place. A total of 1,163 valid ballots were cast, including 4 spoiled ballots. TRANSLATED BY:JOHN CHEN 香港特首選舉今天落幕,北京欽點的候選人林鄭月娥,毫無意外的以777張選舉委員的選票當選,成為香港第一位女特首,今年59歲的林鄭月娥,在這次選戰當中,是普遍民調最低和支持度最低的人選,今天當選之後,將在7月1日正式就職。 ==香港特首選舉委員會主任 朱芬齡== 我在此宣布 林鄭月娥女士當選 香港特首選舉結果總算揭曉,親中建制派,同時是港府前政務司長的林鄭月娥,拿下比現任特首梁振英當年689票,更多出88票的777票,當選香港第五屆行政長官,也是香港首位女特首。 林鄭月娥是香港親中派的支持人選,一宣布當選,台下泛民主派選舉委員,高舉爭普選標語,和撐著佔中運動的黃雨傘,在場會內不斷繞行抗議。 林鄭月娥是此次三位候選人當中,以民調最低卻最高票當選,而民調最高也是泛民主派力挺的曾俊華,只拿下365票,法官出身的胡國興只有21票。林鄭月娥在勝選後眼泛淚光,並在勝選感言中強調,將會各項議題以及立法會內,開啟跨黨派的溝通,今後的首要工作,就是團結香港,要彌補政治上的裂痕。 ==香港特首當選人 林鄭月娥== 對我來說 團結是實實在在的 一步一步去建立來的 我會用積極的工作 和扎實的成績 來答謝支持我的人 其實今天上午八點開始,三位候選人都不約而同到香港會展中心的選舉會場,向選舉委員做最後的拉票,而在這一次1200位選舉委員中,有效票為1163張,另外有4張選票,因為不符投票規定,選票被塗鴨或寫上不滿字眼,變成廢票。 記者 李曉儒 吳其昌 香港報導

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