The prosecutor's office in Taitung came up with an alternative way to punish repeated offenders of DUI. On Wednesday, 10 drunk drivers were brought to a local funeral parlor and asked help clean mortuary equipment, including corpse refrigerators and dissection tables. Drunk driving has long been an issue in Taiwan. To stop drunk driving, local prosecution authority is implementing a new measure to frighten and educate those convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol. On Mar. 15, Taitung District Prosecutors Office made 10 repeat DUI offenders wash mortuary equipment such as corpse refrigerators and dissection tables at a funeral parlor to warn them of serious consequences of drunk driving. ==MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC== We should let DUI offenders experience what it feels like to wash mortuary equipment. ==MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC== This can serve as an alternative punishment option. Wearing a yellow vest, repeat DUI offenders performed their service to the deceased. Although the punishment did not involve direct contact with the corpses directly, the offenders still had to clean where the bodies were put. Repeat DUI offenders said that they came here with solemn respect. They are afraid of offending the deceased. ==REPEAT DUI OFFENDERS== I cleaned the table where the corpse was put. Some thin watery blood was left there. (Will you dare to drunk driving in the future?) No, not at all. ==WU WEI-JEN Lead Prosecutor at Taitung District Prosecutors Office== We hope that this kind of "shock education" can stop them from drunk driving. Taitung District Prosecutors Office hope that this kind of "shock education" can prevent repeat DUI offenders from drunk driving again. Local funeral services think that the new measure can not only reduce drunk driving but also solve the problem of personnel shortage in the industry. TRANSLATED BY:ARIEL HSIEH 為遏止酒駕慣犯,有立委提案修法,酒駕肇事者要為受害死者洗大體!不過,接受度並不高,受害家屬也無法接受,台東地檢署於是換個方式,昨天讓10位酒駕累犯,前往殯儀館,幫忙洗大體冰櫃和解剖台,讓這些酒駕慣犯震撼教育。 喝得醉醺醺,連酒駕肇事了,也完全不知道,車子撞爛了不說,還傷及無辜,而這樣的酒駕案件,層出不窮,甚至有不少人是酒駕累犯,根本罰不怕!為了遏止酒駕,台東地檢署出奇招,針對10名酒駕累犯,處罰他們前往當地殯儀館,協助清洗大體冰櫃,解剖台等設備。 ==民眾== 酒駕撞死人來洗這個 應該 讓他們體會一下 ==民眾== 另類的一個懲罰方式 監視器畫面中,這些身穿黃色背心的人,就是這次受罰的酒駕累犯,雖然來到殯儀館,為死者服務,但沒有直接接觸大體,看起來像是一般清洗打掃動作,但受罰酒駕民眾表示,其實是帶著一個敬畏的心做事,深怕觸怒死者。 ==酒駕累犯 vs 記者== (清洗)他之前放大體的盤子 然後會有流一些血水出來 (以後還敢這樣子酒駕) 不會再酒駕了 ==台東地檢署主任檢察官 吳維仁== 希望能夠透過這個 生命的震撼教育 讓他們不再有 這個酒駕的行為的發生 就怕酒駕罰不怕,台東地檢署首開先例,祭出另類震撼教育,讓酒駕累犯到殯儀館為死者服務,親身感受生命意義!而當地殯葬業者也認為,不僅能遏止酒駕,還可補足當地殯葬業人力不足的問題,創造雙贏。 記者 台東 綜合報導