A center in Kaohsiung City not only rents out crutches, wheelchairs and other assistive devices to the public but also accept donations of them. However, the center is currently staffed with just 3 people, making it almost impossible to handle all the workload, which includes repair, cleaning and transport. When equipment comes into the maintenance center, the first hurdle is to use ultraviolet light for sterilization by irradiation. The technician turns on the lamp, and this is followed by soaking and cleaning the aids. After each process, the technician also has to rush to the equipment room to carry out maintenance on other aids. At this maintenance center there is only one person to do all this work. ==CHANG CHAO-KUO head maintenance tech. Kaohsiung City Tech. Center== It's really slow, really slow, we just don't have the staff, we can teach how to do the repairs, but we just don't have the staff. Last year, the Kaohsiung Technology Center rented equipment to over 2,000 people. To provide more equipment, technicians continued to make repairs, but the entire center has only three maintenance technicians. In addition to repairing and cleaning the equipment, they have to transport it for lending and deal with donated equipment. Thus the technicians are very busy, and time for checking and repair of equipment has been shortened. == TSENG YUN-CHIA Dir. maintenance tech. Kaohsiung City Tech. Center== People can't pick up these larger pieces of equipment by themselves, so we the repair technicians have to transport them on a goods truck to their homes and we have to be drivers and we have to make many trips every day and run around outside. ==CHANG CHAO-KUO head maintenance tech Kaohsiung City Tech. Center== Our evaluation is that we need 8 people in this area, we need over 8 and if we divide the work, we can all simultaneously do maintenance, then the assembly will be quicker. The Technology Center said it was currently limited by funds and could only hire three technicians. In the future, it will find other ways to increase staff. It hoped that volunteers would join to offer simple cleaning services so that the technicians could carry out repairs and they could thus provide more resources for people. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 高雄有提供民眾二手輔用工具的中心,也接受民眾捐贈,不過這都愛整理,也讓維修中心吃不消,因為只有3名技師,卻要負責維修、運送、清洗,忙得不可開交。 輔具來到維修中心,第一道關卡就是用紫外線燈照射殺菌,技師開完燈,緊接著浸泡、清洗輔具,一個段落後,還得再衝到器材室維修輔具,但這處維修中心只有他1人包辦全部工作。 ==輔具中心維修總技師 張朝國== 很慢 (維修速度)真的很慢 人力是我們的瓶頸 那你說 你說這個維修的能量 我們都可以教育 但是問題是人力不夠 去年,高雄南區輔具資源中心租借的輔具多達2千多人次,為了提供更多輔具,技師持續維修,但整個南區中心,維修技師只有3人,除了修復、清理輔具,還得搬運出借、捐贈的輔具,讓技師們忙得不可開交,檢修輔具的時間也跟著壓縮。 ==聲音來源:高市南區輔具資源中心主任 曾芸家== 因為有些比較大型的輔具 他們(民眾)沒有辦法自己載送 所以一定是要我們 這邊的維修人員再用貨車 再幫他們送到家裡去 然後我們的維修人員(要)兼司機 每天也是有非常多的車輛(次) 在外面跑 ==輔具中心維修總技師 張朝國== 我希望我的評估 (光是)這一個區的人力 大概要有8個以上 真的要有8個 然後分工 這樣去做的話 大家同步在做(維修清理) 到後面來做組裝 很快 南區輔具中心表示,目前受限於經費,只能先聘請3名技師,未來會再找其他方式增加人力,但也希望有志工加入,提供簡單的清理工作,讓技師專心修復輔具,才能提供更多資源,讓有需要的民眾利用。 記者 王柔婷 陳顯坤 高雄報導