U.S. President Donald Trump accused predecessor Barack Obama on Saturday of wiretapping him during the late stages of the 2016 election campaign but offered no evidence. Trump made the allegations in yet another one of his twitter rants, calling Obama a bad or sick guy and comparing the alleged tapping to Nixon's watergate scandal. President Trump accused former President Obama in his Twitter on March 4, Trump wrote that Obama last October illegally ordered a wiretap of the phones at Trump's campaign headquarter in Trump Tower New York during election. A few hours after Trump's tweet, Obama's spokesperson Kevin Lewis dismissed Trump's accusation and said it was simply false, because former President Obama never ordered a wiretap to any American citizen. Former national security official said, there are many regulations governing the president from wiretapping opponents. President Trump showed no evidence over his accusation to Obama, nor the White House staffs were able to explain to the press. The New York Times quoted a close aid to Trump, saying that Trump may had read a news report from the far-right wing medium Breitbart News Network. The news article reported the then-Obama Administration may had tried sabotaging Trump's campaign for president. Trump's cabinet has come under pressure from lies about their possible ties with Russia. Breitbart News Network started to attack Obama and gave Trump a topic of distraction. On March 4, many conservative groups initiated rallies around the U.S. showing their supports for Trump. In Berkeley of California, supporters and opponents had a small clash. TRANSLATED BY:ANTHONY LIN 美國總統川普四號連續發布推文,指控前總統歐巴馬去年大選期間竊聽他的電話,不但罵出卑劣,病態等字眼,還把此事跟水門案醜聞相提並論,但沒有提出任何證據,歐巴馬透過發言人嚴正駁斥。 川普指控前任總統歐巴馬,川普在4號清晨的推文指出,歐巴馬在去年十月,選戰白熱化期間下令非法監聽他的電話。 推文發布幾個小時後,歐巴馬的發言人路易斯提出駁斥,表示川普的指控完全不實,歐巴馬從未下令監聽任何美國公民。前任國安官員也指出,美國有多項法律及規範,確保總統無法基於政治目的,竊聽對手的電話,歐巴馬自然也不可能做得到。 不過川普開砲向來不負責舉證,白宮幕僚顧問群面對媒體,也無法提出進一步說明,紐約時報引述親近川普的消息來源,認為川普可能是看了御用極右派新聞網站布萊巴特,有關歐巴馬政府破壞川普的競選活動的報導而發難。最近川普閣員深陷跟俄羅斯官員接觸還撒謊的醜聞,布萊巴特開始攻擊歐巴馬破壞選舉,也給了川普轉移焦點的話題。 四號在全美各地,則有保守派團體發起的大遊行,表達對川普的力挺與支持。在自由派色彩明顯的加州柏克萊地區,則碰上反川普群眾對峙,雙方暴發小型衝突。 記者施慧中 報導