After a large parcel of drugs was discovered outside of the Air Force's Ching Chuan Kang base, eight service members on base have tested positive for Schedule I drugs. In a special report to the Legislative Yuan, Minister of Defense Feng Shih-kuan said that the results were due to physical reactions to cold medicine, and did not reflect an escalation of the drug problem. He said that prosecutors were investigating the case, and also emphasized that a "100% minister" should have "100% troops" and that he trusts his subordinates on the issue. As controversy over a parcel of drugs found outside the Air Force's Ching Chuan Kang base continues, the prosecution has released the drug test results for on-base service members. No members tested positive for Schedule II drugs such as amphetamine, but eight tested positive for morphine, a Schedule I drug. Ministry of Defense Feng Shih-kuan went to the Legislative Yuan to deliver a special report. Asked to give a grade to the Ching Chuan Kang service members, he said that a "100% minister" should have "100% troops" and that he should trust his subordinates. ==FENG SHIH-KUAN Minister of Defense== I would say 100%. A 100% minister should have 100% troops. The drug problem is not unique to the military. A confident Feng said that the service members tested positive as a result of reactions to cold medicine, and not because that an amphetamine problem has become a heroin problem. ==FENG SHIH-KUAN Minister of Defense== Today, it is with an utmost determination that I deliver this report to the legislator. In the military, we have a zero-tolerance approach to drugs. Of course, this is very difficult. But we are taking many steps toward this goal, and we can provide concrete data showing that our The MOND's Medical Affairs Bureau said that the codeine in cold medicine could be confused with morphine in urine tests. Whether the service members had used drugs must be decided by a judge or prosecutor, it said. ==TSAI SHIH-YING DPP Legislator== Today's results showed eight service members testing positive for heroin. Is this a new case or an existing one? ==WU YI-CHANG Dir.-Gen., MOND Medical Affairs Bureau== We currently use a cold syrup that contains codeine, 10% which is metabolized into morphine by the body after it is taken. Feng gave drug test data across all government ministries in 2015, showing that the Ministry of Education had a 4.66% confirmed positive rate, 58% times that of the MOND, while the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Economic Affairs also had higher positive rates than the MOND. He said that the drug problem is not unique to the military, and the military has kept the drug situation under control. TRANSLATED BY:JOHN CHEN 空軍清泉崗毒品案,官兵驗尿後,有8人被驗出有一級毒品反應,國防部長馮世寬今天到立院專案報告,強調吃了感冒藥後,會有一些不同反應,不是毒品升級,全案正由檢調偵辦中,他還強調,一百分部長應該帶出一百分部隊,他應該相信他的部屬。 空軍清泉崗毒品案持續延燒,檢方公布尿撿結果,沒有發現安非他命以下的二級毒品反應,出現8個一級毒品的嗎啡陽性反應案例。國防部長馮世寬今天首度到立法院,媒體詢問他,現在給清泉崗官兵打幾分?馮世寬強調,一百分部長應該帶出一百分部隊,他應該相信他的部屬。 ==國防部長 馮世寬== 應該是一百分吧 一百分的部長 應該帶出一百分部隊 這個吸毒的問題 不是一個我們軍中獨有的問題 馮世寬信心滿滿,對於清泉崗官兵吸毒疑雲,澄清是這些官兵吃了感冒藥後有一些不同反應,不是「安非他命突然間升級到海洛英」。 ==國防部長 馮世寬== 今天呀 要以最大的決心 來到各位立法委員 這個 要給立法委員報告 我們軍中除毒的決心 一定要以零為目標 當然非常的困難 但是我們會採取很多的步驟 而且我們可以提出具體的數據 表示我們平常就有很嚴密的管制 而軍醫局進一步說明,強調從專業解讀,感冒糖漿含有可待因,服用後驗尿會有嗎啡陽性反應,和服用成藥有關。是否吸毒,後續要由法官或檢察官判定。 ==民進黨立委 蔡適應== 那今天最新的公布結果 是8個官兵染海洛因 這8個是新案子 還是舊案子 ==軍醫局長 吳怡昌== 我們現在所使用的可待因 含有可待因的感冒糖漿 他在服用之後 他有10%的量 會轉化代謝成嗎啡 馮世寬還公開2015各部會驗毒尿檢數據,確陽率教育部高達4.66%,是國防部的58倍,而法務部和經濟部也分別有0.41%和0.18%都比國防部還高.強調吸毒不是軍中獨有問題,而是每年控制到最低程度。 記者 陳佳鑫 彭耀祖 台北報導