Several days of heavy rains have led to leaking roofs in several stations of the newly completed Taoyuan Airport MRT. Metro Taoyuan said that cut-out designs on the roofs, which are a green building feature, are making it easier for rain water to splash onto the platforms. An inspection by the Bureau of High Speed Rail, the agency responsible for building the line, found that some drainage pipes were blocked up and the grout in the structures have aged, causing the leaks. They said that the contractors will be required to make improvements. In the rainy weather, the platforms of the Taoyuan Airport MRT's Chang Gung Memorial Hospital station saw dripping water that collected into puddles. Metro Taoyuan said that the roof cutouts meant to improve air circulation means that water sometimes splashes onto the platform in heavy rain. Passengers have discovered similar leaks in Taishan, Linkou, and Shanbi stations. ==MR. CHOU passenger== Of course, improvements have to be made. What if a typhoon comes? An inspection by the Bureau of High Speed Rail discovered that the drainage pipes for the platforms were clogged by leaves and dirt, and that grout used in the station structure had aged and cracked, causing the leaks. They said that the contractors will be required to make improvements. ==TSAO LO-CHUN Engineering Dept. Chief, Bureau of HSR== The station is designed to circulate air in accordance with green building standards. So when the weather isn't good, rain will sometimes get in. Compounding the leakage problem, passengers are complaining that the Airport MRT line stations are too hot and crowded, as the system has become packed over the long weekend. Some took their complaints directly to Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan. ==PASSENGER== The MRT system is too hot, it's so hot. Passengers also complained that the system's signage was unclear and that ticket vending locations were poorly marked. ==MS. CHAO passenger== I would give it a 70% grade. A lot of the signs need to be improved. I think foreign visitors could find it hard to navigate when they arrive. Cheng said that the problems with each station will be solved before operations officially begin. The trial runs will end on March 2nd, but hours have been extended to 7 AM to 9 PM and there is no longer a limit on the number of passengers. ==CHENG WEN-TSAN Toayuan City Mayor== The purpose of the trial run is to find flaws that need to be improved. We have requested (the Bureau of HSR) to inspect all 22 stations for problems that need to be fixed before operations begin. As of Feb. 25th, the system has totaled 680,000 rides. The number is projected to reach 800,000 on the 26th with an average of 100,000 rides per day over the holiday weekend. Metro Taoyuan reminds the public to follow directions given by staff members under crowded conditions. TRANSLATED BY:JOHN CHEN 機場捷運才剛完工,但接連幾天大雨,讓長庚醫院等站,發生漏水情形。桃園捷運公司表示,因為月台採綠建築簍空設計,一下雨,雨水很容易潑到月台上。高鐵局檢查後發現,部分排水管堵塞,以及結構接縫劑老化,也是造成漏水的原因。會請包商改善。 雨下個不停,機場捷運A8長庚醫院站的月台上,也滴滴答答的滴下水滴,月台上還都是積水。桃園捷運公司表示,機捷採綠建築月台上方都採簍空設計,所以雨勢過大,就會導致雨水潑賤進月台。民眾發現像是A5泰山站、A9林口站,A10山鼻站,都有漏水問題。 ==民眾 周先生== 當然要改善啊 不然那個風雨 颱風來要怎麼辦 為什麼A8站月台上會出現潑雨,天花板也出現滴水現象。高鐵局檢查發現,最主要是因為月台上的排水管線,疏於檢修保養遭落葉淤泥堵塞,再加上結構處縫著劑老化,才出現漏水狀況,會要求包商改善。 ==高鐵局捷運工程處長 曹樂群== 車站本身它屬於一個 綠建築通透的設計 所以在天候比較不好的時候 它會把一些雨水飄到 這個車站裡面來 才發現漏水問題,228連假,民眾擠滿了機捷,第二航廈A13站更是擠得水洩不通。民眾抱怨又熱又悶,一看見桃園市長鄭文燦,馬上上前抱怨。 ==民眾== 坐(機場)捷運太熱了 好熱 試乘的民眾認為機場捷運標示不清,就連販售機場電子票劵的標示,也沒寫清楚。 ==民眾 趙小姐== (機捷)70分 因為它有很多指示牌 可能還要再加強一下 我覺得外國人進來 可能會一下子找不到方向 鄭文燦表示,在正式營運前,會針對各站缺失一一解決。另一方面,機捷延長試乘時間,即日起到3/2日,不用再抽號碼牌,從早上7點到晚上9點,盡量滿足民眾試乘需求。 ==桃園市長 鄭文燦== 試營運主要的目的 就是要找出缺點 我們請(高鐵局)他們要把 所有的22個車站 都要巡檢一次 這個都要在營運前改善 統計到25日為止,試乘人次已經達到68萬人次。預估26號可能突破80萬人次,228連假每天人次也會超過10萬人次,桃園捷運提醒民眾,最後幾天試乘人多壅擠,搭乘時,要聽從工作人員引導,以免發生危險。 記者 李志華 謝其文 陳昌維 新北 桃園報導

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