Taichung ATM withdrawals monitored by police / 警方防詐騙 ATM提款將盤查.密錄引爭議          

To prevent ATM scams, police in Taichung are now asking people who are withdrawing money from ATMs at specific times to provide personal identification and information. Many believe that this is unacceptable, because it's an intrusion of privacy. Lawyers also said that the police are going too far. Now in Taichung, if you want to withdraw money from ATM, you may be interrogated by police. You may be asked to give your personal information as well for the sake of ATM scam. Only women and those above 60 years old are excluded from the new regulation. Many people said that they cannot accept this. ==Taichung RESIDENT== I think this is unnecessary. People just want to get some cash. I do not think there is anyone who wants to be questioned by police. ==Taichung resident== The police should question those who are talking on the phone while withdrawing money, because this may be a scam. However, if the person is not using a phone, then there is no need to interrogate. Some police also think that this is unacceptable. They are asked by their supervisors to conduct a thorough interrogation of people withdrawing money from ATMs. They have to use body cameras to photograph people's face, and create a list of them. However, police officers explained that they only target ATMs popular with drivers. == CHEN CHUN-AN Chief 3rd precinct Taichung City Police== We are not implementing a thorough interrogation. We only target at people who appear to be suspicious. By doing so, we hope to crack down on ATM scams. Besides the third precinct of the Taichung city police department, other police precincts also issued similar law enforcement rules. Lawyers said although the intention to prevent crime is good, the police has gone too far. == LIN CHIUNG-CHIA lawyer== The police cannot arbitrarily conduct thorough spot-checks and interrogate people around ATMs. People are allowed to raise objections. Damage caused by police may also result in state compensation, because personal privacy must be respected.   Lawyers said the police should not expand the interpretation of the Police Power Exercise Act. According to the Judicial Yuan-Interpretation No.535 rendered by the constitutional court in 2001, police are not allowed to conduct random spot- checks, crackdowns, examine or interrogate anyone freely. Therefore, police in Taichung should modify the new regulation. TRANSLATED BY ARIEL HSIEH 為了降低詐騙發生,台中警方最近要求基層員警,特定時間要針對到ATM提款的民眾全面盤查,甚至要密錄影像建檔,許多民眾不能接受,認為個資、隱私遭到侵犯,律師也認為做法過當。 很多民眾要領錢,會選擇直接到ATM提款機,不過如果在台中市像這樣戴著口罩提款,除了女性和60歲以上民眾,警方會全面進行盤查,而且要留下身分資料,不少民眾不能接受。 ==民眾== 這樣子好像太多此一舉了 就是因為只是領個錢而已 不想被問那麼多吧 ==民眾== 一面講手機一面(提款) 可能就稍微要問一下 因為有可能你遇到(詐騙) 如果我沒有在講手機 幹嘛給我盤查 有基層員警也不能接受這樣的做法,在網路張貼了警局內部指示,上級要求在執行守望勤務時,要「全面」查抄提款的民眾身分,還要用密錄器拍下正面影像,事後還要造冊,警方解釋,是鎖定車手提款熱點實施。 ==台中市第三分局偵查隊長 陳春安== 並非全面式的來做盤查 而是針對特定的 可疑的目標 來做一個盤查了解的動作 希望這樣的勤務作為 能有效的打擊這個詐欺犯罪 那並降低提領的次數 台中市除了第三分局,大部分的分局也都有類似的要求,有律師認為,雖然警方預防犯罪立意良好,但做法已經過當。 =律師 林瓊嘉== 不是說我警方可以恣意的決定 來講全面性 1只要用ATM我就可以做盤查臨檢 我們認為說人民針對這個部份 可以提出我的異議 甚至於權益受損的話 很不小心可能會有 國家賠償的適用 因為我的隱私必須受到尊重 律師表示,警方不應該擴大解釋「警察職權行使法」,而大法官也在2001年就做出釋字第535號解釋,警察人員不能不顧時間、地點及對象,任意臨檢、取締或隨機檢查、盤查任何人,警方全面盤查的做法應該要修正。 邱植培 彭煥群 台中報導