A plant in Changhua is allegedly poisoning the people of Pitou Township. Local residents and students and teachers at Pitou Junior High School have long suffered from dizziness, nausea and burning eyes. Prosecutors found the culprit might be an energy company in the nearby Industrial Park, which illegally emitted dioxin and has been indicted, marking Taiwan's first lawsuit that charges an air polluter with offenses against public safety. Even with the doors and windows closed and surgical masks on, the teachers and students of Pitou Junior High School in Changhua find the air pollution difficult to bear. ==TEACHER== Sometimes it smelt like sour plums. Other times it smelt like toast. It's much more exhausting to teach with surgical masks on. Your voice just doesn't carry. With the news that a major polluter has been indicted on charges of offenses against public safety, students hope that they will be able to open their classroom windows and have gym class outside again. ==MS. WU Student == We get dizzy, and sometimes we get sudden stomach aches. When you're focusing on a math problem and you suddenly smell it, it really distracts you. ==MR. HSIEH Student== We hope we can get justice When investigating a case of toxic slag last year, the Changhua District Prosecutors' Office discovered that the High Science Company in the Pitou Industrial Area was producing dioxin emissions 48.4 times higher than legally allowed. The company's representative and boiler operator were indicted on the 10th. This is the first such indictment in Taiwan. ==LIN HAN-CHIANG Dep. Prosecutor, Changhua District Prosecutors' Office== In the past, it has been difficult to find evidence in air pollution cases. In this case, the prosecutors took samples of soil and plants. Analysis showed that dioxin concentration in these samples was at dangerous levels for human health. The polluting plant is currently nonoperational. Based on Article 190-1 of the Criminal Code, the company representative could face a sentence of up to seven years, much more than the three-year maximum provided in the Air Pollution Control Act. However, there is more than one polluter in the area. The students hope that one day they can finally breathe clean fresh air. TRANSLATED BY:JOHN CHEN 彰化縣埤頭國中近千名師生,長年籠罩在空汙危害,惡臭造成頭暈、噁心、雙眼疼痛,嚴重時還要關門窗上課。彰化地檢署去年8月查出埤頭工業區內的宏昇公司違法排放戴奧辛,今天依公共危險罪起訴,以公共危險罪起訴空氣汙染相關業者,這是全國首例。 關起門窗上課,有時還連戴上口罩也沒有用。彰化埤頭國中近千名的師生,長年苦於鄰近工業區的空氣汙染。 ==老師== 之前聞到的 會有像酸梅的味道 然後有時候 會有像烤麵包的味道 因為你戴口罩 你在上課就要費力 你講話等於就是悶著嘛 聽到工業區裡的空汙排放業者,被依公共危險罪起訴,學生開心的脫下口罩,他們終於可以開窗上課,也可以快樂的上戶外體育課。 ==吳同學== 頭暈 有時會突然肚子痛 認真算題目 突然聞到那個味道起來 就是感覺會算題不太專心 ==謝同學== 還給我們一個公道 彰化地檢署去年偵辦電鍍爐碴汙染案時,意外查出埤頭工業區內的宏昇公司違法排放戴奧辛,含量超過法定標準值48.4倍,害埤頭國中師生健康,10號依公共危險罪,將負責人及鍋爐代操作業者起訴,這也是全國首例。 ==彰化地檢署襄閱檢察官 林漢強== 過去空氣污染的案例 舉證並不容易 那本件檢察官 詳細採集土壤植物 上面的一些檢體 那戴奧辛都有超過 對人體危害標準的狀況 違法工廠目前是歇業狀態。依據刑法190條-1,負責人將面臨七年以下有期徒刑。相較於過去空污法只能求處三年以下徒刑,更具嚇阻力,但真正製造惡臭的汙染源不止一家,埤頭國中的師生希望有一天,能真正吸到乾淨新鮮的空氣。 黃千容 賴世杰 彰化報導