FMR. Vice President Hsiao supports Steve Chan's KMT Chair BID / 詹啟賢參選國民黨主席 蕭萬長到場力挺           

As the KMT deals with pressure from the Illegal-gotten Party Assets Settlement Committee, within the party, the race to elect the party's next chairperson continues to intensify. Former KMT Vice Chairman Steve Chan (Chan Chi-hsien) announced yesterday that he will stand as a candidate for the KMT Chairmanship, and his candidacy has received the support of Former Vice President Vincent Hsiao. When asked whether he would run for president in 2020 if elected party chairman, he said that he doesn't rule anything out. After asking for approval for his resignation from Kuomintang Chair Hung Hsiu-chu, former KMT Vice Chair, Steve Chan, announced that he would stand for Chair. With support from the medical profession -- he was Health Minister from 1997 to 2000 -- Chan also has the support of the military and KMT youth. Former vice president Vincent Hsiao appeared at Chan's announcement as a gesture of support. ==VINCENT HSIAO Former Vice President == I believe that Steven Chan has the ability to lead the KMT out of its current situation and win back public support, so I ask everyone to support him. ==STEVE CHAN Former Kuomintang Vice Chair== I don't have any particular voter base, and I haven't recruited any new members, I am starting this campaign late and I know it isn't easy. Chan is the slowest of the five candidates off the starting block for the KMT chair election. Although he agrees with the abolition of a threshold for the candidacy support petition, Chan said that he will go all-out in this phase of the campaign and believes he can complete the petition. He also did not rule out running in the 2020 presidential election if he succeeds in the KMT Chair election. ==STEVE CHAN Former Kuomintang Vice Chair== I don't rule anything out, I will work hard in that direction but at that time, there are still three years to go and things are always in flux, no-one can foresee the future, if I am the one, then I will assume responsibility, if I am in a support position, then I won't shirk, will support that fully too. KMT Vice Chair Hau Lun-bin who openly declared that if he won the KMT Chair election, he would not stand in the 2020 presidential election, said he looked forward to a courteous campaign. He further said that the KMT Chair position should be clear on whether it was a support position or a stepping stone to the 2020 election. Former vice president Wu Den-yih was low key about his aspirations for the 2020 presidential election and only expressed a wish for a fair KMT Chair election. ==WU DEN-YIH Former Vice President== I have no opinion on any of the candidates, except to welcome them and wish them luck and that we have a fair Chair election which yields us our future party Chair. Currently, there are five candidates for the KMT Chair election which is the most to date. It is seen as a prelude to both the 2018 magistrate and mayoral elections and the 2020 presidential election. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 向國民黨主席洪秀柱請辭後,前國民黨副主席詹啟賢宣布參選黨主席,除了醫界、軍系和青年朋友相挺外,前副總統蕭萬長到場支持,向各界請託。 ==前副總統 蕭萬長== 我相信詹啟賢有能力 帶領國民黨走出谷底 重新贏得人民的信任 就拜託各位了 ==前國民黨副主席 詹啟賢== 我個人沒有所謂的基本盤 也沒有招募新黨員 起步又晚 競選黨主席不容易 在目前表態的五位參選人中,詹啟賢起步最晚,雖然同意廢除連署制度,但現階段將全力以赴,有信心完成連署。詹啟賢也不排除參選2020總統大選。 ==前國民黨副主席 詹啟賢== 我沒有排除自己 我會往那個方向努力 但是到那個時候 還有三年多的時間 世事的變化很快 沒有人能夠預料 假如我應該是承擔的人 我就承擔 假如我該是抬轎的人 我就抬轎 不會逃避 率先喊出,選2017黨主席就不選2020總統的國民黨副主席郝龍斌,對於詹啟賢的參選,期待有一場君子之爭,也強調,黨主席應把自己定位在抬轎人、而不是坐轎人。對於2020總統大選,前副總統吳敦義低調不談,只期待黨主席選舉公平公正。 ==前副總統 吳敦義== 我不能對任何一個候選人 做評論 只是歡迎祝福 我們在公平公正的選舉當中 能夠產生未來的黨主席 到目前為止,一共有五位表態參選國民黨主席,是有史以來最多的一次,不只放眼2018縣市長選舉,也提前點燃2020總統人選的敏感話題。 記者 林欣儀 謝其文 台北/台中報導

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