Stair safety focus after Taiwan Cement Chair's death / 辜成允摔下樓梯猝逝 飯店公安引關注          

After Taiwan Cement Chairman Leslie Koo died after falling down a flight of stairs at a hotel in Taipei, some suspected that the hotel may have a safety flaw. The Taipei City Construction Management Office said that there should be a handrail in the middle of the stairway if its width is over 3 meters. They will ask the hotel to improve conditions, although this particular item is not listed in safety checks. A flag flies at half-staff in front of a hotel in Taipei in mourning for Taiwan Cement Chairman Koo Cheng-Yun, who passed away after tumbling down the stairs at the hotel. The incident aroused suspicion that there may be a safety issue in the hotel. ==HUNG TE-HAO Taipei City Cnstrctn. Mngmt. Office engineer== If the stairway width is over 3 meters, there should be a handrail set in the middle of the stair. In public places, there are many items listed in a safety check, and the main emphasis is on fire-prevention facilities. The number of stairways and walking distance are all considered. However, handrails, stair height and stair depth are not included in safety checks. Therefore, over the years, the hotel did comply with the safety standards. The TCCMO will help the hotel to improve. Since stair handrails were not listed for safety checks, the hotel did not have a violation record. In many public places, stairs have the slip-resistant design to avoid such accidents. ==WU CHEN-HSUEH Dep. Chair Consumer Protection Committee== If products or services may damage consumers' life, property or health, then the business is responsible for warning consumers and taking measures in case of emergency. Most accidents happen because the business did not handle the situation in a timely manner or did not have warnings to notify people that the stair is slippery. The Consumer Protection Committee said that in most cases if consumers suffer injuries in public places, they can make a claim based on public liability insurance. If signs were not shown to warn people of wet and slippery floors, the business in charge may have to pay a higher compensation. TRANSLATED BY:ARIEL HSIEH 酒店門口降半旗、表示哀悼。台泥董事長、辜成允,不慎在酒店樓梯摔成重傷、不幸過世。事情發生後,外界質疑,酒店公共安全可能有漏洞。 ==台北市建管處正工程司 洪德豪== 只要樓梯寬度超過3公尺 就要加裝中間扶手 不過在建築公共安全檢查 因為項目非常的多 所以是著重於防火避難設施 就包含說樓梯的數量 步行距離(等等) 不過不需要檢討扶手欄杆 跟樓梯級高級深 所以這個飯店在 歷年來的公安檢查都合乎規定 這個後續建管處這邊 會去輔導業者去依規定去改善 建管處表示,按建築技術規則,樓梯寬度3公尺以上,要在中間加裝扶手,這點,酒店沒有符合。但「樓梯間扶手」,並沒有特別被納入安檢項目,所以酒店過去,也沒有違規紀錄。而在很多公共、營業場所,樓梯會設有止滑設置,就是怕有人受傷。 ==行政院消保處 副處長 吳政學== 如果這商品或服務 它有危害消費者 生命財產 健康之虞的時候 那業者就有責任去做警語標示 或緊急處理的方法 當然之後 在處理的時候 我們曾接到的案子 大部分都是 走樓梯板的時候因為濕滑 業者沒有及時處理 或者處理完之後 沒有做警告標示 消保處表示,營業場所普遍都有投保「公共意外責任險」,所以消費者如果發生意外,還是有補救機制。但如果是因為地板濕滑、又沒有警告標語的話,那麼業者要付出的損害賠償可能就會加重、視個案而定。 記者 曹晏郡 陳昌維 台北報導